Rumors Are Flying: UFC Threats, Kenny - Cena Heat, Bret Hart- Hayes, Punk, Goldberg

The following are rumors and should be treated as such. can't verify the authenticity of these claims, outside of those we've debunked.

- We're told there's no lasting heat between Bret Hart and Michael Hayes, but someone communicated to Bret that he needed to apologize.

- There has been chatter of last night's Impact almost being canceled because of the music issues.

- There is no backstage heat between Kenny Dykstra and John Cena, according to those we've talked to.

- There are no plans for Goldberg to wrestle before Survivor Series.

- Despite Dana White saying CM Punk won't get another fight in the UFC, we're told there aren't plans to cut him.

- The UFC aren't concerned about losing Julianna Pena, Anderson Silva or Khabib Nurmagomedov, but take Jose Aldo's threats a little more seriously.

- Lucha Underground may run a few house shows in the next month to test the market.

- According to Wrestling Observer Radio, the Mickie James - NXT deal was put together in the last few days.

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