Sean Ross Sapp's UFC 211 Podcast Notes: Main Card Fights!


Dave Branch vs. Jotko

  • SUP WITH THESE REFS!??! So many quick breaks and separations.
  • This fight was to answer a lot of questions for Branch. It did -- he can hang.
  • The fight just wasn't very good. 
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Frankie Edgar stops Yair Rodriguez

  • We saw shades of Tyson Griffin with the kneebar attempt that Edgar said "nah" to. 
  • What the hell is up with Yair's cutman? No attention to that eye, and it would haunt him.
  • Yair has some velocity on strikes from his back, but no damage. 
  • Texas can't even do the right thing without controversy. Edgar was confused about the stoppage.
  • There's levels to this shit. It played out exactly as we predicted on the podcast.

Masvidal Maia

  • Like nine and a half months ago, it seemed like Masvidal was fighting to keep his job
  • A guy who was fighting Kimbo proteges could get a UFC title shot, and that's kind of cool.
  • This is a former 185'er vs. a former 155'er.
  • Maia could perform like this until he's 45. He's like a knuckleballer. 
  • This is such a chess battle. 
  • I gave Masvidal the second round. He had top control, but Maia didn't threaten a finish. 
  • Maia cut off the far hip with his right leg as Masvidal tried to sit out
  • I won't look forward to Maia vs. Woodley. Make no mistake, Maia deserves it. I just won't look forward to it. 

Joanna dominates Andrade

  • Jessica Andrade doesn't usually  wear a rash guard, which is interesting.
  • There was no other way that Andrade was or is going to beat Joanna besides slugging her, in my opinion. Might as well go for it all 5 rounds.
  • Andrade doesn't try to cut Joanna off at all. 
  • I want to watch Joanna and Mighty Mouse have a fun, light, friendly exhibition sparring session.
  • Rogan is constantly overreacting to these strikes. Joanna hasn't been hurt at all in this fight.
  • Joanna's striking while moving backwards is nothing short of phenomenal. 
  • Joe Rogan is putting Andrade's chances of victory on a hypothetical Joanna hand break, and I can't disagree at this point.
  • The handstand defense on takedowns is getting pretty prevalent. 
  • Cormier scouting the head dip telegraph by Andrade mid-fight is good stuff. He's incredible in the booth.
  • Joanna joins Jones, Mighty Mouse, Tito, Silva, Hughes, GSP, Aldo, Rousey in defending a UFC title 5 times in a row. That's historic. Almost like a benchmark. 

Stipe Mutant Miocic over JDS

  • A JDS win would put him 4.5 years in between title reigns -- the longest in UFC history. Couture has the longest (Jan. 1998-Nov 2000)
  • Also, Miocic is looking to tie Lesnar, Couture, Sylvia, Velasquez with two consecutive successful UFC Heavyweight title defenses. 
  • THAT'S IT! Miocic da legend. We have a UFC Heavyweight Champion, and HE HAS FOUGHT THREE TIMES IN A YEAR, HOSE ME DOWN.
  • No, WE don't want to see Cain Velasquez getting a title shot. *I* want to see Cain Velasquez have more then one win in 3.5 years first. 
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