The Shocking Similarities Between Kung Fu and Education


Chinese martial arts were popularized in the West during the age of fantastic Kung Fu movies in the 1980s. Hollywood blockbusters typically depict practitioners of various Chinese fighting techniques. These days, mastery of Kung Fu is not confined to Chinese nationals in their own country. You can quickly find a dojo to join and start the learning process from anywhere in the world. Besides, the internet is an invaluable resource when it comes to picking up a new skill.

Perhaps, after reading the title, you must be thinking, "What does Kung Fu and education have in common?" Of course, these two activities seem miles apart. For starters, one is practiced in a dojo or a stage, while the other is typically done in a classroom set up. Well, you will be surprised by how many similarities they share. This article will delve into two fundamental parallels between the learning process and Chinese Kung Fu.

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Both Allow You to Specialize Based on Interests and Skills

In school, we work towards achieving impressive grades. The goal is specializing in a career path eventually. So, you begin by taking the broad route, which involves doing varied courses to discover what you are good at and what you find interesting. Ultimately, when you get to higher institutions of learning, you will have the opportunity to take the courses that directly contribute to your career choice.

In college, you will choose units that allow you to occupy particular niches in the employment arena. The higher you continue to advances in your learning, the more specialized you will be in the field. So, whether you are thinking of becoming a medical professional or a lawyer, the road gets narrower.

Similarly, Kung Fu offers its students opportunities to pick a specific specialization depending on their interests and skills. Here, as in education, a student has numerous options to choose from. Ideally, Chinese Kung Fu is categorized based on:

Religious inclination.

Philosophical perspectives.

Geographical origin.

These distinctions can be divided further, revealing more than ten bases for styles. So, you need to do your research, test things out for yourself, and discover what works for you. Afterward, you will rise the ranks through hard work and move on to perfecting a particular fighting style. Unfortunately, you cannot buy assignments when you need some assistance with your tasks.

Dedication and Discipline Are Essential for Both

As a student, you are probably used to tight deadlines, sleepless nights, and the always dreaded exam period. Besides the apparent responsibilities of maintaining your grades, you also need to work on other aspects of your learning. Improving your writing skills and cultivating a healthy reading habit are some of the examples. If you want to navigate this steep path successfully, you need both diligence and discipline.

Perseverance will help you through challenging assignments and long study sessions. On the other hand, discipline gives you a chance to follow up on your responsibilities. Sure, sometimes school can get quite hectic. Still, if you have the industry and determination to see things through, you will have an easier time in school.

Likewise, when it comes to Kung Fu, learning the principles means instilling an attitude of diligence and discipline. In fact, one of the backbones of Chinese martial arts is discipline. As Lao Tzu said, "Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power." You need to stick to your training routine come rain or shine. Additionally, it would be best if you also acquired the respect and discipline that comes with figuring out your way around Kung Fu. You will get to learn other attributes that will come in handy in school.

How Kung Fu and Education Complement Each Other

Taking up co-curricular activities can help relieve your stress after a long day in class. Taking up a sport like Kung Fu can be a terrific source of relaxation. Nevertheless, you still get an opportunity to advance your school performance by contributing to your extra credits.

Practicing any Chinese martial arts will expose you to customs that promote high ideals. These teachings apply to everyday life, more so in education. Apart from being enjoyable, the contributions of this sport are invaluable. This symbiotic relationship between the two shows that you can enjoy the best of both worlds while having fun. If you have always wanted to find out if the fight sequences in action movies are practical, then find a dojo near you.

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