Showdown Joe: Cyborg's Weight, Inside MMA Ending, McGregor - Diaz Fines


Another week and another seven days where MMA headlines showcase some turbulence, turmoil and what often feels like a passing of the torch.

It took much longer than many had forecasted but Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz could be facing some serious financial penalties if the Nevada State Athletic Commission have their way.

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In case you’ve forgotten, the two athletes had quite the pre-fight press conference prior to their epic tilt at UFC 202. It was mayhem at it’s finest. F-bombs from both sides, idle threats coupled with the launching of water bottles to and fro.

While the highlights were exceptional fodder for various sports stations across North America, the NSAC wasn’t laughing. And now they’ll likely be making some money off of it.

If the reports are true, it looks like Conor and Nate could be fined 10% of their “show money”. That’s a whopping $300,000 for the Irishmen and $200,000 for one of Stockton’s finest. Mind you, I have to wonder if either fighter actually cares about the rumoured amounts. They’ve both been paid handsomely over their careers, but still … that’s a lot of coin to throw away.

One thing to consider is to see whether it will also be deterrent for the next time these two tangle in the future. The sane answer is likely “Yes”. The real answer with these two fearless “don’t care about anyone’s opinion” fighters is perhaps “No”. Either way, I can’t wait to find out.

Speaking of reported issues leading up to big fights … it appears Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos is having a rough go of it.

Four days out from her UFN 95 weigh-ins, Cyborg stated her weight was at 160 lbs. Her bout vs. Lina Landsberg is scheduled to take place at 140 lbs. Santos can weigh-in at 141 lbs. That means she still has to lose 24 lbs. Houston … we may have a problem here.

This proclamation by the Brazilian prompted the UFC to get involved, who are now apparently monitoring her day by day, hour by hour. In essence, they have set out some goals along the way for Cyborg to reach. The goal is for her to be as healthy (and safe) as possible come weigh-ins on Friday.

Weight-cutting is a dangerous game as is, but that kind of weight-loss is flat out old school. I haven’t seen that in a very long time. Most fighters show up much lower than that amount. This massive weight cut that Santos will now endure still happens, but not as often as what used to go on in the past.

Here’s hoping she can make it safely, but one has to wonder how she will feel come Saturday night, when Landsberg will be looking for any edge possible vs. a fighter whose track record shows a litany of destruction.

When it comes to track records, no one has the pedigree of Joe Silva. The long-time UFC matchmaker is set to retire later this year. His right hand man, Sean Shelby will be promoted and moving into Shelby’s current position will be Mitch Maynard.

Maynard has been around the game for quite some time and will migrate over from Legacy FC. But while both he and Shelby will do a more than adequate job for the UFC, there is no doubt that Silva will be missed.

Joe was a guy who always, and I stress always was available to chit chat about anything and everything in life, not just MMA. But get him going and look out. Joe could talk your ear off about any subject but the passion he has for MMA was second to none.

I love my MMA - it has encompassed the vast majority of my adult life. I lived and breathed this game for years but not like Silva. That guy is/was on a whole other level. He’ll be missed, no doubt, but one has to wonder why he is truly leaving.

Whether it’s the rumor of not having autonomy to getting a nice fat pay check for due to the Zuffa being sold, it doesn’t matter. If it’s the former, it’s too bad. Joe knows what he is doing and should be allowed to continue to do it. If it’s the ladder, then 20 years of hard work (aka dealing with headaches, drama, craziness, etc) have officially been worth it.

Take into consideration he likely hasn’t spent as much time with his family as he’s liked, he can now do so confident in the fact he did a fantastic job over the years and his place in the UFC Hall of Fame is safe and secure, with his induction likely taking place next year.

Family is important, whether those at home or those you work with on a daily basis. I know what it’s like to have to say good-bye to work family. When UFC Central went off the air, my heart broke and a piece of me died at Sportsnet. Today, reading the news that Inside MMA will also be going off the air … takes me back to the day I got the same news.

I know what the on-air talent feels like. I can sympathize with the staff who helped get the show on the air. It sucks. It feels like it’s just not right. The incredible ride is coming to an end. But life goes on, no matter how much you think otherwise. You never really recover from it, but you just focus on the good times had over the years.

Inside MMA was a fantastic show that we never really got to see much of in Canada. We did for a few years, then off and on for awhile. MMA shows are all but fading away on television. There aren’t many left. It’s unfortunate, but it’s an eye opener.

And I can tell you this … it’s not as bad as people think. No pun intended, but stay tuned!!!

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