Showdown Joe: Making Sense of MMA's Nonsense -- PVZ, Liddell, TUF 26


One quick scroll up and down the Fightful MMA news feed coupled with a stroll down some social media feeds for MMA related content and one can rest assured that topics for discussion are easy to come by in another week where there is no UFC event on Saturday night.

Earlier this week, UFC strawweight Paige VanZant set the internet on fire with her self-made Reebok ad enticing men and women to consider the new look gear from the UFC sponsor. She eventually took the video down from her instagram but not before (and after) mass criticism from so many people flooded various news feeds.

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To wit, there were those that did compliment her but alas, those voices were drowned out by the notion what PVZ did was a tad to racy, embarrassing and perhaps, uncalled for.

I could care less what Paige does or does not do, but what did she accomplish by posting that “sexy” wanna be ad? For starters, she put her name in the spotlight and a top many headlines on MMA news sites. Reebok got a fairly substantial plug for some of it’s gear, so whether good press or bad press, as the old adage goes … it doesn’t matter. As long as they are talking about you, it’s all good.

One thing that has never gone away, sexist or not, is that “sex sells”. A beautiful woman promoting a product is not anything new. In an age where anyone can do what the big marketing conglomerates can do, with one one-thousandth of the budget … will be done.

No matter what Paige does or does not do, she will always have a portion of the world compliment or criticize her. So the real bottom line is ‘who cares’? Did she offend anyone? Did she take aim politically? Nope. So good for PVR and I say she should keep doing whatever she feels is necessary to promote herself and her sponsors as long as she isn’t misconstrued as offending any race, religion, kids, etc, blah, blah, blah.

Speaking of social media posts, have you seen Chuck Liddell’s recent Instagram pics?

The ‘Iceman’ is definitely in stellar shape for a 47 year old who is also promoting Vitamin Drip IV Therapy, which in his words “is used with athletes looking to improve their training and competition by increasing stamina, strength and endurance and by decreasing their recovery time and fatigue.”


This has immediately fueled speculation amongst the MMA fan base, pundits and critics that Liddell is contemplating a return to action, seven years after his last bout, where he was knocked out. Folks also started doing the MMA math, thinking UFC ownership could use the former light-heavyweight champ to increase pay per view buys. And if they are not thinking this, then behind Door Number Two is Bellator, who would be more than happy to showcase Chuck in all his vintage glory.

I’m not buying any of the speculation, the arguments, conspiracy theories or hyperbole.

Now, I don’t know if Liddell is all of a sudden strapped for cash, which would quickly take a return from fighting from the back of his mind to somewhere atop his priority list. If that’s the case, it would be heartbreaking, and a return could be a possibility. And to be honest, that would not make many of us old school guys happy.

In closing, we can add something new to the UFC’s “Just Kidding” file.

Word came out that Season Twenty Six of The Ultimate Fighter was going to introduce and crown the first ever UFC Women’s Flyweight Champion. Even before you can read this paragraph, the idea was scrapped.

And mark my words … it will happen. They will figure it out and by year’s end, the division will be included in the organization and a new champ will be crowned.

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