SRS Watch/Don't Watch: Bellator 222


Adam Borics KTFO'd Aaron Pico

  • This is not a scrub that Pico is facing. Borics is 12-0 as a pro, 10-0 as an amateur, 10-0 as a kickboxer, and 3-0 in Bellator
  • Aaron Pico apparently remembered that he's allowed to wrestle.
  • This continues into the second round, but Borics is preventing Pico from doing too much damage.
  • Borics gets up and cracks Pico with a flying knee! Knockout!!
  • Aaron Pico is a very exciting fighter most of the time, and not exactly a well rounded fighter. This was not really an indication of that. He just got caught.
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SRS' Rec: Watch the second round

Taylor Turner embarrasses Heather Hardy

  • Hardy pushes in and gets taken down by Turner.
  • Hardy has absolutely no clue what to do on the ground. This is kind of hard and sad to watch. She's just not prepared.
  • Hardy is even punching from the bottom in mount. This was a hideous display of MMA.
  • This is a sad night for some of Bellator's projects. Any semblance of hype surrounding the MMA career of Heather Hardy has been derailed. There wasn't much left anyway, but boxing is her sport.
  • SRS' Rec: Don't bother. This was very low level, didn't need to see this.

Bellator Bantamweight Championship
Kyoji Horiguchi defeated Darrion Caldwell (c) via UD to become champion

  • Caldwell is a man on a mission. He barely said anything during our interview, didn't seem like he wanted to be there, and just wanted to get this win back.
  • He closes the distance quick and takes down Horiguchi up against the cage. Horiguchi has absolutely no space to get out. 
  • Occasionally, Caldwell is able to land some ground and pound.
  • The ref stands up the fight because Caldwell was holding on to Horiguchi's glove.
  • Horiguchi wins the second round, and that's a big one for him. He stuffs an early third round takedown, as well. 
  • This is a whole lot like the first fight. Caldwell doesn't seem prepared to go all the way. Horiguchi wins the fight when it's standing despite a major reach disadvantage, but Caldwell is able to get him down periodically. 
  • Caldwell isn't doing anything but taking Horiguchi down and holding him there. Not advancing. Not inflicting any damage.
  • Caldwell lays on Horiguchi in round five doing nothing while Horiguchi actually tries to stop the fight and works for submissions. 
  • Horiguchi works up and smashes big downward elbows into Caldwell. He's already won the round in my book based on that. 
  • Horiguchi won that round from the bottom and it's not even close. I have it 49-46 Horiguchi.
  • The right man won this fight. I want to see Horiguchi vs. Mighty Mouse II

SRS' Rec: Watch highlights

Juan Archuleta flattens Eduardo Dantas, R2 

  • Dantas has to be thrilled to see Horiguchi win, since he lost his title to Caldwell, but he has to win tonight to stay in the conversation.
  • Dantas can't really get a lot going consistently. Archuleta takes round one and was way more effective. 
  • Archuleta sends Dantas' mouthpiece flying and dodges a wild spinning punch. Dantas looks out of his depth.
  • MY GOD PAL. Aruchleta flattened Dantas!!!
  • Yep, let's go on and get Archuleta in that Featherweight tournament and on the title fight side of the bracket.

SRS' Rec: The highlights are worth watching. Archuleta is really good.


Patrick Mix strangles Ricky Bandejas, Round 1

  • Patrick Mix immediately grabs a rear naked choke, drags Bandejas to the ground and taps him out.
  • Holy crap. That was beyond impressive.
  • Bandejas has now lost back-to-back fights after knocking out James Gallagher. Not exactly the follow up he wanted. 
  • Patrick Mix is the mix. I'm sorry.

SRS' Rec: Oh Yeah

Dillon Danis taps out an enhancement talent, R1

  • Danis brings the fight to the ground.
  • It's very clear Danis was going for the TKO instead of the submission, he's not even going for submissions.
  • Pretty overwhelming ground and pound lands for Danis, but Humphrey won't give up. 
  • Face down armbar, and that's a wrap on that one.

SRS' Rec: Lol, no. Just don't

Lyoto Machida retires Chael Sonnen, R2

  • What does this fight mean? Well, Machida might get a title shot if he wins. 
  • Kind of funny that Sonnen closed the distance on Machida quicker than maybe anyone ever.
  • A smooth trip takedown that Sonnen can't really do anything with. This is already a lot better than I expected.
  • Machida blasted Sonnen with a flying knee! WOW! Sonnen back bumped. This was set up by some good body kicks. 
  • I thought Sonnen was out, but he survived. This isn't the Chael Sonnen we've seen in trouble the last several years that just gives up. 
  • Machida quickly drops Sonnen with another knee. Ground and pound follows, and that's IT. 
  • That was one of the most exciting Lyoto Machida fights I've ever seen. A blast.
  • Chael Sonnen retires in the cage, leaving his gloves there. He said he fulfilled his contract and is done now. Best wishes.

SRS' Rec: Yeah, this was a whole lot of fun


Bellator Welterweight Championship
Bellator Welterweight GP Semifinals
Rory MacDonald (c) outlasts Neiman Gracie

  • Rory MacDonald's mindset and turnaround are both huge question marks going into this fight.
  • The size advantage for Rory is huge.
  • Rory has really good footwork, is using his reach well, and landing strikes. He's very precise. 
  • Gracie goes for a leg lock, but isn't able to make it work. I think Rory MacDonald still took round two despite that.
  • So far, Rory MacDonald is looking like Rory usually does -- he's winning, but not doing anything that makes you particularly excited to see him fight. 
  • MacDonald takes Gracie down, something that you typically don't want to do to a Gracie. He then has to fight off an armbar.
  • MacDonald is able to stave off Gracie's takedown attempts. Gracie can't anything going and is being shut down. 
  • Gracie spends the fifth round on top before dropping back for a low percentage leg lock.
  • MacDonald won his first fight in a year and a half. He has a rematch with Lima now.

SRS' Rec: Only the highlights. This wasn't fun.

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