Tim Boetsch Calls Johny Hendricks Unprofessional For Missing Weight

Tim Boetsch defeated former UFC Welterweight Champion Johny Hendricks by second round TKO at UFC Fight Night: Oklahoma City.

Hendricks missed weight for the fight against Boetsch and the victorious middleweight says that it was unprofessional of Hendricks to miss weight.

“We joked about that in camp; somebody said, ‘What are the chances of him missing weight at this one?'” Boetsch said after the event. “I said, ‘I don’t really care if he does.’ I jokingly said that he might, and then Marcus (Davis) came to me the morning of the weigh-ins and said he was going to miss, and not even attempt it. We still had a couple of hours, or an hour and a half left at that point. So I’m like, ‘All right, I guess we’ll see how this goes.’ If he’s not willing to cut a couple extra pounds, (it) kind of speaks to his professionalism.”

The win for Boetsch proved to be the first time Hendricks suffered a defeat since moving up to the middleweight division.

Boetsch rocked Hendricks with a head kick and that lead to the finish, it was a technique that Boetsch knew would work in his favor.

“It works perfectly against southpaws,” Boetsch said. “As you see, there’s the result: head-kick knockout.”

A huge factor for Hendricks move to the middleweight division was that he missed weight at welterweight multiple times throughout his career.

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