Tony Ferguson Takes Shots At Jose Aldo & Khabib Nurmagomedov

Tony Ferguson is just a few short weeks away from fighting Khabib Nurmagomedov for the UFC Interim Lightweight Title.

Ferguson didn’t take to kindly to Nurmagomedov’s claim that his arm is going to be broken by the Russian star.

“Now you done did brought up old shit,” Ferguson said on Submission Radio. “Now you done did it brought up old shit. Now you’re gonna bring me back to that one time where I was pissed off and I went and blasted the shit out of the bags. Because for one, I love holding my son. I love holding my kid and nothing is gonna fucking stop me from holding my son. So you can threaten me, Khabib, but that’s not what you wanna fucking do to me, because I’m not the guy to threaten. This dude’s gonna get knocked out by my fucking jab. He’s not even going to get a chance to fucking get to the ground. Because if it does get to the ground, I’m gonna choke his ass out. I’m gonna choke his ass out harder than I did Edson Barbosa or anybody else. I was nice, now I just want to put this fucker to sleep. You want to break my arm? I’ll be nice. I’ll give you a chance to tap. But if not, I’ll let you go and I’ll beat the shit out of you and then I’ll put you back to my submission. I’m not playing with you Khabib. You fucking threaten me one more time dude, I swear dude it’s over.”

Ferguson also has his sights set on another champion in UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo.

Aldo’s longtime coach, Andre Pederneiras, recently claimed that Ferguson turned down a fight with Aldo, something Ferguson disputes.

“That dude is full of shit,” Ferguson said. “You know what, I’ve never backed away from a fight. In fact, I’ve taken fights to save cards, as for other people saying that they’re gonna take like a fall or whatever. But I don’t know what Aldo’s problem is. He’s trying to stay in the limelight but that dude’s fading out faster than a firework on the fourth of July. He’s trying to make his way back in and he’s trying to obviously have my name in his mouth, whereas that’s not fair to say, because honestly, I’m not talking shit to him. But if him and his coach wanna sign the dotted line, I don’t have a problem with it. But to say that I refused the fight is complete shit. Like I said, I’ve never backed away from any fights, any fight that’s ever been presented to me so far and so forth. I always sign on the dotted line and I always show up no matter what. There’s been one instance that I haven’t. But man, I fucking bite my lip and I get so pissed off at myself that I couldn’t make it that one time – and that was Khabib, and this is the fight that we’re talking about. Fuck Aldo.”

UFC 209 takes place on Saturday, March 4 from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada with Tyron Woodley and Stephen Thompson headlining.

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