Tyron Woodley Calls Conor McGregor's Actions Following The UFC 223 Press Conference A "Disgrace To Mankind"


Tyron Woodley is not sugarcoating any of his thoughts when it comes to Conor McGregor.

Last week on April 5th while during promotional appearances for UFC 223 which was being held two days later at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY, Conor McGregor along with a group of others approached a bus that contained a number of UFC fighters and McGregor launched a metal equipment "dolly" at the window of the bus, shattering the glass which injured fighters Ray Borg and Michael Chiesa. Borg and Chiesa were removed from the UFC 223 fight card due to their injuries and Artem Lobov, who is known to be close with Conor McGregor was pulled from the card as well for his involvement in the situation where his issues with the current UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov escalated two days before the Barclays incident.

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Conor McGregor was charged with three counts of assault and one count of criminal mischief. A few other charges were pitted against McGregor but until June 14th McGregor is free on a $50,000 bail. The current UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley spoke with TMZ Sports following the incident and did not hold back his thoughts on the topic whatsoever.

"Shaking… my… damn… head. How do you get away with this? I don’t know what Dana White’s gonna do, I really don’t know what he should do, but this is terrible. It’s a disgrace to the sport, it’s a disgrace to mankind; when you are actually going out there and you’re showing people. You have this huge platform, all these “M’s” stacked up in the bank, all the ability to do something positive and you consistently choose the negative way to get the publicity. You know what, I’m good on him." Woodley stated.

Although McGregor was allowed to travel with restrictions by the judge of his case, if convicted on all counts of the charges that are placed against him there is a possibility that his VISA can be rejected seeing as how he is not a United States-born citizen. Woodley does not understand that after all Conor McGregor has set up for himself in all aspects of the phrase, why pull the stunt that he did at the Barclays.

"You know, we don’t know if he was gonna fight again anyway. You know there’s been speculation but he’s never committed and locked down to fighting," he continued, "He made an obnoxious amount of money in his last fight against Floyd Mayweather so we didn’t’ know if he was gonna fight anyway. He can go back to Ireland, he’s still gonna have love there. Some people [are] going to give him even more plug because they're going to think he's gangster; he busts some windows out and they are going to act like he’s about that action. So, with that said, he literally may not even miss a beat because of it." Woodley explained. "If he loses his career in mixed martial arts, did we really even have him booked for a fight? Did he verbally commit to a fight and wanting this fight? So you know its all speculation now. At the end of the day somebody that’s close to him, somebody that’s a loved one; they need to grab his ass up and say ‘Hey bruh, you need to sit down right quick, you need to get your life together, you need to clean it up because all this that you’ve worked so hard to get, you’re going to lose it all.’”

Tyron Woodley was then asked to speak into the camera as if McGregor was tuned into the video and the 18-3-1 fighter provided a bit of life advice for the two-time Irish Pro Fighter of the year.

"Conor McGregor, we ain’t homies, we ain’t friends, but you fighting in UFC and you’re a peer of mine, get your sh*t together. You’re out here wilding out, doing stuff that you should not be doing, making the sport a disgrace. You did all this work to build up the sport, all this work to put yourself in the position that you’re at. I was not in the gym with you training, I don’t even need to talk to you about that part, but you know what it takes to be a martial artist. You’re making us look bad. Sit down somewhere, get your sh*t together, chill out, and let lil’ Lobov little mini-me self fight his own battles."


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