UFC 202: McGregor Vs. Diaz 2 Results: Amazing Main Event Goes The Distance, Anthony Johnson Wins With Incredible Knockout


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MAIN CARD (Pay-Per-View, 10 PM EST)

Conor McGregor defeated Nate Diaz via majority decision (48-47, 47-47, 48-47)

Anthony Johnson defeated Glover Teixeira via TKO (punches), Round 1, 0:13

Donald Cerrone defeated Rick Story via TKO (punches), Round 2, 2:02

Mike Perry defeated Hyun Gyu Lim via TKO (punches), Round 1, 3:38

Tim Means defeated Sabah Homasi via TKO (punches), Round 2, 2:56


Cody Garbrandt defeated Takeya Mizugaki via TKO (punches), Round 1, 0:40

Raquel Pennington defeated Elizabeth Phillips via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Artem Lobov defeated Chris Avila via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Cortney Casey defeated Randa Markos via submission (armbar), Round 1, 4:34


Lorenz Larkin defeats Neil Magny via TKO (elbows), Round 1, 4:08

Colby Covington defeated Max Griffin via TKO, Round 3, 2:18:

Marvin Vettori defeated Alberto Uda via submission (Guillotine Choke), Round 1, 4:30:



Alberto Uda vs. Marvin Vettori

Round 1: Vettori, despite being the smaller man, goes on the offensive first with a head kick. Uda answers back with a kick of his own. After a clinch, Uda has Vettori on his full guard. Vettori then tries to punch his way out of Uda’s guard after the two remain on the ground for a while. Uda stays on the defensive as Vettori keeps trying to punch his way out. Vettori escapes, reverses and has Uda on a Guillotine Choke. Uda taps and Vettori scored the win on his UFC debut.

Official Result: Marvin Vettori defeated Alberto Uda via submission (Guillotine Choke), Round 1, 4:30:

Great win for the 22-year-old in his UFC debut. He looked far smaller than Uda, but that did not stop Vettori form going bringing the fight to Uda. Vettori has potential to succeed in the UFC.


Colby Covington vs. Max Griffin

Round 1: Both fighters start out aggressively. Covington goes for a takedown and he does so and has the inside control. Griffin goes for a Kimura lock but Covington escapes and both fighters are uo. Griffin still tries to go for the Kimura lock. Covington then escapes and is on top of Griffin, forcing him to go into a half-guard. Griffin is losing control of the ground game, but does just enough on the defensive side. Covington keeps moving into a better position while on the ground. The round ends with Covington going for a triangle choke, but Griffin is saved by the bell.
Fightful scored round 1 for Covington 10-9

Round 2: Like the first round, the two fighters begin on the offensive, but Covington quickly goes to the ground and is on top of Griffin. Covington is dominating the ground game and tries to look for a finish. Covington connects on an elbow to Griffin’s forehead and receives a cut there. Griffin is being worn down little by little as Covington remains on top of him, constantly punching Griffin. Griffin gets back up before being taken down immediately by Covington, where the pressure and punching continues. Griffin looks exhausted by this point. Last 15 seconds had the two fighters up and looking for an opening to punch, but to no avail.

Fightful scored round 2 for Covington 10-8

Round 3: Once again, Covington takes Griffin to the ground and continues to pummel away at him. Referee tells Griffin to fight back or he’ll stop the fight. Griffin still does not do anything and forces the referee to stop the fight and award the victory to Covington.

Official Result: Colby Covington defeated Max Griffin via TKO (punches), Round 3, 2:18

This was an absolute clinic by Covington. Griffin was far outclassed, especially in the ground game, where Covington absolutely dominated throughout the whole fight. The referee's decision to stop the fight was a smart one.


Neil Magny vs. Lorenz Larkin

Larkin connects a roundhouse kick to Magny, which stuns him momentarily. Larkin keeps it up with a front kick which pushes Magny down and now the two are in a clinch. Magny recovers and goes for a takedown unsuccessfully. Larkin continues to dominate with kicks and strikes and Magny’s left leg is bleeding. Larkin's shin is bleeding from inflicting so many kicks to Magny. Magny looks scared as Larkin tries to finish it in the first round. Larkin then gets taken to ground, but Larkin gets up and connects on a few well hit elbows as Magny goes to take down the leg and the referee stops the fight.

Official Result: Lorenz Larkin defeats Neil Magny via TKO (elbows), Round 1, 4:08

What a performance by Larkin. If this Lorenz Larkin shows up to every fight, he could be a contender in the division.


Randa Markos vs. Cortney Casey

Round 1: Both women throw various punches to get into a rhythm. Casey hits on a combination of punches and kicks to Markos. Markos then lands a beautiful takedown to Casey and has her in a headlock. Markos connects on a lot of punches. Casey tries to move into a better position and is on the verge of reversing the hold. Casey reverses and is on top. She then hits Markos on  a few elbows and punches. Markos is on top now but Casey goes for the armbar and does so.

Official Result: Cortney Casey defeated Randa Markos via submission (armbar), Round 1, 4:34

Good fight between the two of them. A lot of technical wrestling, which I'm always a fan of. great job by Casey turning a bad situation into a favorable one and win the fight.


Artem Lobov vs. Chris Avila

Round 1: Lobov starts with control in the octagon, staying in the center. Both fighters connect on a punch and kick but not a whole lot of them being thrown. The two fighters are trying to find an opening to attack from but neither guy is giving an inch. Lobov is the slightly more active fighter. Lobov starts to connect on a couple of hard kicks to Avila’s left leg. Lobov is closing space between the two and every time Avila swings, he is always late on his punches and just hits air. Lobov continues with his kicks, this time being on the body of Lobov. The entire round was done with both fighters standing up.

Fightful scored round 1 for Lobov 10-9

Round 2: Lobov’s strategy is now to inflict as much damage on Avila’s left leg as possible, connecting with two early kicks. Avila tries to go for a knee to Lobov’s face but it is unsuccessful. Lobov continues to have center control. Avila goes for more punches but doesn’t connect much on them, starting most punches with an overhead right.  Nine minutes into the fight and Lobov has connected a total of 19 leg kicks. Lobov starts to taunt Avila and Avila tries to go for a flurry of punches. Avila is not defending well against Lobov’s kicks.

Fightful scored round 2 for Lobov 10-9

Round 3: Avila is desperate for a win and now begins to attack more frequently. Lobov is now forced to go for punches instead of kicks. There’s an accidental headbutt and Lobov is bleeding from his forehead and the referee momentarily pauses the fight. The fight resumes and Lobov still has center control while his forehead continues to bleed all over his face. Avila shows signs of life against Lobov but is still not winning the fight. Lobov goes for an overhead kick and slips. Avila is on top but could not capitalize on the opportunity and both fighters are up again. Lobov continues with his kicks (25 total with 30 seconds remaining in the fight at this point). The fight ends and we get our first decision of the night.

Fightful scored round 3 for Lobov 10-9, making it 30-27 for Lobov

Official Result: Artem Lobov defeated Chris Avila via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

This was “The Kicking Show” starring Artem Lobov. Lobov dominated the fight and Avila could not find any way to damage the Russian outside of an unintentional headbutt. Great win for Lobov.


Raquel Pennington vs. Elizabeth Phillips

Round 1: Not a lot of action in the first minute of the fight, but Phillips gets the first good hit of the fight with a kick to Pennington’s left leg. They’re in a clinch for a while. Phillips has Pennington’s back to the cage while Pennington throws short inside punches, but not a lot of damage being inflicted. They separate with 90 seconds remaining. This time Pennington has Phillips in a clinch and takes her down. They get up and Pennington goes for a couple of well timed punches as the horn sounds.

Fightful scored round 1 for Pennington 10-9

Round 2: Pennington gets more active with punches right off the gate and has Phillips in a clinch. Pennington is trying to go for a guillotine choke but Phillips is trying to make sure Pennington’s hands couldn’t get under Phillips’ chin. Pennington abandons the submission attempt and both fighters get up. They then get into a clinch once more, but this time, Pennington is the one whose back is to the cage. Phillips continues to drive forward with the clinch, but Pennington is still on top, occasionally throwing some punches. Pennington then slams Phillips to the ground and starts connecting punches on her. That may have won Pennington the round.

Fightful scored round 2 for Pennington 10-9

Round 3: Pennington continues to put pressure on Phillips as she is slammed down and Pennington is on top of her. Pennington is taking her time securing her position on the ground, staying on Phillips’ back. Pennington is trying to work her left arm into under Phillips’ chin. Pennington then goes for a triangle choke and almost succeeds but Phillips does enough to avoid having to submit. Pennington keeps trying to go for the submission, either via triangle choke or armbar,  but both women stand up. Blood is seen on both women’s faces. Pennington tries to go for another takedown to secure the round but could not.

Fightful scored round 3 for Pennington 10-9, making 30-27 for Pennington

Official Result: Raquel Pennington defeated Elizabeth Phillips via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Solid performance by Pennington. Early on in the fight, Phillips looked like she had the slight advantage, but Pennington's gameplan and her dedication to controlling the ground game is what gave Pennington the victory.


Cody Garbrandt vs.Takeya Mizugaki

Round 1: Garbrandt begins with a big swift kick to Mizugaki but he’s unfazed. Both guys throw huge punches until Garbrandt stuns Mizugaki and unloads a barrage of hammer fists. Referee stops the fight.

Official Result: Cody Garbrandt defeated Takeya Mizugaki via TKO (punches), Round 1, 0:40

This was a fantastic performance by the youngster. He may have just put himself into title contention right there. The pressure did not bother him at all. What a way to end the prelims.



Tim Means vs. Sabah Homasi

Round 1: Homasi goes for a left hook but Means counters with a good kick and punch combination of his own. Means hits with a good combination of punches and knees and ragdolls Homasi to the ground. Homasi is then on top but nothing happens as both guys get up. They both go for some punches and kicks. Both guys are looking for the home run finish. Homasi manages to take down Means but Means then hits him with a couple of elbow shots. Means then keeps punishing Homasi and elbows Homasi in the forehead, busting him up. Homasi keeps using the elbow on Homasi and hits a great right hook on Homasi’s jaw.. Homasi is hurt and Means tries to finish it, but is unable to do so as the horn sounds.

Fightful scored round 1 for Means 10-9

Round 2: Homasi tries to create separation between him and Means, but Means continues to pressure him. Homasi is exhausted and Means tries to punish his opponent’s body. Means then connects on several knees to Homasi. More punches from Means and it is too much for Homasi as he can’t even defend properly and the referee stops the fight and Means is your winner.

Official Result: Tim Means defeated Sabah Homasi via TKO (punches), Round 2, 2:56

Means was too experienced and too efficient for Homasi. Probably the best performance of the night, but Homasi was not ready for that kind of competition.


Mike Perry vs. Hyun Gyu Lim

Round 1: Both men spend some time trying to find their reach. Perry goes for a lunging punch but slips a bit, but nothing major. Lim starts to close the distance. Lim gos for a big uppercut and whiffs, falling down and Perry goes down to attack him. Perry throws down some good punches but Lim escapes. Perry punches Lim down and he’s hurt and goes down. Perry keeps going for punches and Lim goes down again and this time, Perry finishes the fight with some grueling punches.

Official Result: Mike Perry defeated Hyun Gyu Lim via TKO (punches), Round 1, 3:38

Fantastic UFC debut for Mike Perry. He wanted that knockout and he did. Perry was sensational as well as cool, calm and collected throughout the whole fight while remaining effective on the offensive side of the fight.


Donald Cerrone vs. Rick Story

Round 1: Fireworks between the two is how the fight begins and Cerrone takes down Story. Cerrone is trying to work Story’s left leg, but he does a good job at blocking Cerrone. Both men get up and they’re in a clinch with Cerrone’s back to the cage. Story takes down Cerrone and Cerrone nearly pulls off a triangle choke. Story is on Cerrone’s back and hits some knees to Cerrone’s body and then they get back up again to the center. Both men hit a good kick to one another Cerrone goes for another leg kick and hits it. Cerrone throws a nice combination of punches to Story’s face. Cerrone’s striking is very good tonight.

Fightful scored round 1 for Cerrone 10-9

Round 2: Story winds up a right punch and misses. Cerrone stops Story’s take down attempt. Cerrone connects on two good right-hand punches. Cerrone is mixing things up, occasionally throwing kicks as well. Cerrone finds an opening, throws three great punches and hits a beautiful head kick and then unloads a flurry of punches and then the referee stops the fight.

Official Result: Donald Cerrone defeated Rick Story via TKO (punches), Round 2, 2:02

As expected, Cerrone’s striking was on point tonight and the combination that ended the fight was great. Cerrone said that he is going to move down to lightweight. If he stays like this at lightweight, the whole division better watch out.


Anthony Johnson vs. Glover Teixeira

Round 1: “Oh boy, this fight is going to be amazing! I hope it goes the dista-NEVER F***ING MIND!” One uppercut from Johnson and it’s over.

Official Result: Anthony Johnson defeated Glover Teixeira via TKO (punches), Round 1, 0:13

Nothing else to say that was a hell of an uppercut. Johnson is a beast of a fighter.


Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz

Round 1: Both fighters start kicking each other’s legs. The crowd is electric for this fight. Diaz starts being more aggressive with his kicks while McGregor tries to go for some punches and one of them connects and has Diaz on the ground. McGregor allows Diaz to stand up as the crowd chants “Ole!” Diaz throws some punches and it creates some separation. McGregor kicks Diaz’s leg enough that he starts to move a bit weirdly from it. Both men briefly exchange punches, but McGregor stays on Diaz with boxing and leg kicks. McGregor’s timing so far have been impressive with his leg kicks. McGregor ends the round with a few well-hit punches.

Fightful scored round 1 for McGregor 10-9

Round 2: McGregor again goes for more leg kicks and then McGregor hits a big right jab to McGregor and tells him to get up. Another good punch sends Diaz down and he’s bleeding a lot around his nose. McGregor continues to pound Diaz’s right leg as he is hurt in that area. McGregor has the central control so far in this round. Diaz looks a little exhausted halfway through this round. Diaz now tries to go for a few leg kicks of his own. McGregor is not taking any unnecessary risks as he barely looks like he is breaking a sweat. Diaz mounts the pressure and is outboxing McGregor. Diaz comes back to life and is on the offensive. McGregor is hit by a big combination of punches and his back is to the cage as they are in a clinch. Diaz keeps going for more boxing.

Fightful scored round 2 for Diaz 10-9

Round 3: Neither fighter is running away as they are brawling, but both men are breathing heavily. Diaz taunts McGregor, pointing the to the fact that McGregor is breathing heavily. Diaz has McGregor in a clinch as the crowd is chanting “Diaz!” McGregor is back in the center of the octagon throws some punches but they are not as fast and crisp as the ones he threw at the start of the fight. Diaz sense this and has in a clinch battle and tries to take McGregor down. McGregor escaps and is running across the octagon. Diaz just laughs and the commentators note that McGregor is tired.  Both men just keep hitting each other with punches. Diaz has McGregor’s back to the cage and is unleashing a barrage of lefts and rights, crushing McGregor’s face. The round ends and McGregor looks and is exhausted.

Fightful scored round 3 for Diaz 10-8

Round 4: The round picks up where the last one ended, with more boxing. Diaz clearly has the momentum and McGregor has a cut. Diaz tries to go for a clinch various times but McGregor escapes. McGregor now is back to throwing leg kicks. Another shot to Diaz’s body followed by a front kick to McGregor. McGregor looks better in this round, but Diaz has McGregor in a clinch battle and once again, McGregor’s back is to the cage. Diaz tries to go for more punches while in the clinch.  McGregor hits a punch to Diaz but he bounces back and staggers McGregor very briefly. BOth men are fighting in the middle of the octagon. McGregor has caught a second well and is moving well and back to his usual hard-hitting self. Diaz goes for a head kick and slips as the round ends.

Fightful scored round 4 for McGregor 10-9

Round 5: McGregor connects on a right-hand punch and then moves around the octagon. A brief exchange of light punches from the two and they’re back to a clinch battle. Both men looked like they were in a car crash just now. Back to a clinch for the of them and Diaz tries to go for a takedown at various times, but McGregor shows great defense and is still standing. McGregor moves aways to collect his thoughts and Diaz once again taunts him for doing so. Diaz has McGregor in a clinch once more and hits a big elbow on McGregor. He then hits a knee to McGregor and goes for another takedown and McGregor blocks it. McGregor is moving better on the outside and now has DIaz to the ground for  brief second. The two men remain in a clinch and McGregor is taken down and Diaz ends the round with a flurry of punches. The fight ends and both men show respect to each other

Fightful scored round 5 for Diaz 10-9, making it 48-46 for Diaz

Official Result: Conor McGregor defeated Nate Diaz via majority decision (48-47, 47-47, 48-47)

Considering the immense hype that surrounded this fight, this fight more than lived up to its potential. McGregor and while I had Diaz winning, this was really too close to call. McGregor showed amazing takedown defense and came alive in rounds 4 and 5. McGregor calls out Diaz and demands the third match be at 155 pounds. Diaz thought he won the fight and wants to do a third match. The whole world wants the rubber match and the fight broadcast ends there.

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