UFC 206 Live Media Conference Call Full Recap


Welcome to the Fightful Live Viewing Party for the UFC 206 Live Media Conference Call, you can watch/listen to the conference call yourself by clicking on the above Youtube video.

The fighters participating in the conference call are Max Holloway and former UFC Lightweight Champion Anthony Pettis.

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* Holloway says that although this is an interim title fight, he is just viewing it as just another fight and as a fighter, you got to be ready for opportunities all the time.

* Pettis says that its just another fight to him as well, but its up to him and Holloway to make UFC 206 a great fight card.

* Holloway is asked about the criticism of the fight being an interim title fight, Holloway says the show must go on either way, then reveals he was supposed to face Jose Aldo at UFC 205 before the fight felll through.

* Pettis says that he was a champion before and he knows how it all goes, he was always willing to go five rounds with Holloway.

* Holloway says that the interim title means something because it will guarantee the winner a shot at the title, Pettis shares the same sentiments as his opponent.

* Pettis is asked about his featherweight debut, Pettis says that his first featherweight bout was nothing but a trail run, he had to figure out how to drop the extra weight and he had to make the proper changes to his training camp. 

* Pettis is asked about how this next fight would affect his legacy, he says that the fight was already big and now a guaranteed title shot makes it much more important. Pettis says that he had to go through the lowest lows to get to the highest highs.

* Pettis says that he held the entire training camp at Milwaukee, Wisconsin at Roufus Sport. Pettis says he popped up at Camp Jackson Winklejohn for sparring opportunities and after meeting Greg Jackson, asked him to corner him for the bout against Edson Barboza.

* Pettis talks about returning to the lightweight division one day and he has some revenge to get in that division.

* Pettis says the weight cut to his featherweight debut wasn't as bad as the media made it out to be, his weight cut this time went event better.

* Pettis says its great to fight Max Holloway and be back in the title picture, he says he appreciates that Holloway took the bout.

* Holloway is asked how it feels to fight for a title, Holloway says that it feels good and it is what it is, plus every fight is a new fight to him anyway. 

* Holloway is asked about the state of the featherweight division, Holloway says that it is much clearer now because we will have a clear contender to the featherweight title.

* Holloway is asked about fighting Pettis, Holloway talks about Pettis's title run and if he wants to be the best in the world, he has to beat Pettis.

* Holloway is asked about the fight being changed to a five round fight, Holloway says he has always been preparing like it was a five round fight and as a fighter, you have to be ready for anything.

* Pettis is asked the same question, Pettis says that the fans win with the extra two rounds.

* Holloway talks about possibly fighting Aldo in early 2017, Holloway says he is only focused on Pettis right now and not Aldo, Pettis says the same exact thing as Holloway about Aldo.

* Holloway is asked about being frustrated that he hasn't fought Aldo yet, Holloway says he is not frustrated and that Aldo just talks way too much.

* Pettis is asked about Holloway's skills, Pettis says that Holloway has a deep tool bag and he is great wherever the fight ends up, he is excited to take him on.

* Holloway is asked the same question about Pettis, Holloway talks about Pettis's title credentials and that this is a fight the fans have been wanting for awhile now, he feels he will prove his worth against Pettis.

* Pettis and Holloway are asked about any changes to training camp due to the title being added to the fight, both say nothing has really changed and they are both professionals, so they are ready for scenarios like this.

* Holloway is asked about a possible future fight with Conor McGregor, Holloway says that he is only focused on Pettis right now, the past is the past when it comes to McGregor.

* Pettis is asked the same question, Pettis praises McGregor for what he did for the sport, but he is focused on his legacy and he is focused on Holloway right now.

* Holloway is asked if Aldo has lost his mystique after being beaten by McGregor, Holloway says he is not friends with Aldo and he has no idea what is going through his mind right now.

* Pettis is asked the same question, Pettis says that Aldo is still Aldo and he is still one of the greatest fighters in MMA history.

* Holloway is asked about Pettis's fight with Charles Oliveira, Holloway says that he is not judging Pettis based on his last fight, he is only preparing for the best version of Pettis.

* Holloway is asked about whether he is better than Pettis in every aspect of the fight, Holloway says that he believes in himself and that both of them are at the top of their division for a reason.

* Holloway is asked about the division moving forward without McGregor, Holloway says that McGregor has set the bar and he wants to set the bar even higher.

* Pettis is asked the same thing about the featherweight division, Pettis says that McGregor will be relevant for as long as he wants to, Pettis says that as long as McGregor is lightweight champion, there is no reason for him to drop to featherweight.

* Pettis is asked about his personal life after his cars were burned down, Pettis says that it is what it is and it did not mess him up mentally in any way. 

* Pettis is also asked about the Daniel Cormier injury, Pettis says that things happen and that making the fight for the interim title is great for him.

* Holloway is asked if he considers Aldo the undisputed champion, Holloway says that he has the title and it cannot be denied. 

* Pettis is asked the same question about Aldo, Pettis says that Aldo was great before the McGregor fight and Aldo is currently the best in the world at featherweight.

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