UFC President Estimates Potential McGregor/Mayweather Jr. Purses

UFC President Dana White has been involved with the business side of the potential super fight between UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

With the negotiations ongoing, the UFC President has stated his estimates for what the purses would look like for the potential super fight.

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“It depends on how much the fight sells,” White said on The Herd. “And if the fight sells as well as I think it can, Floyd makes a little north of $100 (million) and Conor makes $75 (million). He (Mayweather) feels like he’s the A-side and he should get more of it. We haven’t really gotten into that negotiation yet. I wanted to get McGregor locked in first, because McGregor is under contract with me. And at the end of the day, does this fight make a ton of sense for me? It really doesn’t. But Conor wants this thing really bad and I’ve said it many times, the kid’s stepped up and saved some big fights for me, man, so I’m in. I’ll figure it out. Obviously, in boxing, you start to negotiate things like the gloves and the officials and the judges and how big the ring is — a lot of different things you can negotiate as far as the fight goes. But again, I haven’t gotten into a room with Team Mayweather yet, and who knows. The Conor side, we’re good on the Conor side. I need to figure out the Mayweather side, and maybe it can’t be (figured out). Maybe the other side can’t be done, but we’ll see. I promised Conor I’d do everything I could to make this thing happen, so that’s what I’m going to do.”

If the fight were to come together, it would mark the professional boxing debut for the UFC Lightweight Champion McGregor.

White also wants all the UFC fans to know that when the fight comes together, it isn’t about the UFC-- it’s about the sport of boxing.

“This is isn’t going to be UFC,” White said. “It’s going to be a boxing match. It’s not going to have anything to do with the UFC. My brand, the closest thing my brand will be to this is obviously I’ll be a part of the promotion for the fight, and Conor’s my guy. That’s it. Listen, one of the things that we’ve done and the reason we’ve built this brand the way that we have is, we always bring people the fights they want to see. There’s no doubt that people want to see this fight, and it’s all anybody ever asks me about, so I’m going to do my best to see if I can get this thing done. I’m not saying I can, but we’re trying to.”

The UFC President will be seen next at UFC 211, which takes place on Saturday, May 13.

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