Urijah Faber Accepts Fight for UFC Return

After weeks of speculation, Urijah Faber is now indeed seemingly set for a return to the octagon.

In a sit-down interview with Dan Hardy, 'The California Kid' reiterated his motivation for a comeback while announcing that he's now even accepted a fight too. "I've been itching to fight . . . and the reason that I retired in the first place was purely because I wanted to, I just felt like it. I had exhausted my title run, I had like four title shots in the UFC and then I had lost two fights in a row for the first time in my career, even though they were just kinda lackluster decisions.

"I needed to slow down because I wanted to focus on family. I wanted to get some other things situated. I wanted to give my body a break because I'd been going non-stop for 20+ years. And I did all that," Faber recalled. "Looking at today's landscape, I just know that I can compete easily. I've stayed in great shape and it sounds like fun. And the reason I stopped is because I decided I wanted to and the reason I'm coming back is because I've decided I wanted to."

With UFC Fight Night Sacramento as Faber's likely return date, he's not waiting around either. "Just accepted a fight yesterday, I don't know if that's supposed to be put out yet." With that in mind, neither named Faber's opponent but Hardy commented that "it's a good matchup." Faber agreed, responding "yeah, I think so too."

If Faber's comeback fight is indeed set, news is likely just days away. Until then, fans will likely speculate as they await an announcement.

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