What is Sports Betting, and how to bet on MMA

Sports betting is the art of making calculated risk wagers using predicted outcomes on sporting events. There are many types of bets that we won’t get through in this article, but we’ll try and cover the basics of sports betting.

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We’ve enlisted the help of our expert Nina Olsendburg in writing this article. She has extensive experience in the sports betting industry and was on hand to guide during the writing process.

Have you been wondering what the difference is between sports betting and sportsbooks? It’s the same thing. Sportsbooks refer to those times when bookmakers used books to record betting odds, bets placed and debts owed.

Fortunately, these “books” are all found online, and the odds and wagers are updated instantly.

A relatively recent development in sports betting, due to increasing popularity, is betting on MMA - Mixed Martial Arts. It’s an exciting sport where various fighting disciplines like boxing, wrestling, judo, karate, jiu-jitsu, capoeira, and more., are all combined and used to beat your opponent.

It doesn’t stick to one discipline only, which makes it very exciting for spectators and bookmakers alike.

Despite the stunning natural beauty and quality of life, Norway is best remembered, like other Scandinavian countries, for its Viking heritage. These seafaring explorers were known for their fighting spirit and were feared in ancient Europe because of their fighting techniques and fearlessness.

There’s a tiny element of this that still lives in every Scandinavian citizen, which is why MMA fights are famous in the Norwegian market.

So without further delay, here's our betting guide basics on how to bet on MMA.

Know the rules

Before contemplating betting on MMA fights, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the rules of MMA. There is an excellent guide on Wikipedia that you can reference for a guide on MMA rules.

Knowing the rules of MMA will aid your betting strategy. The more familiar you are with the rules, the easier it would be to bet on various outcomes.

A winner can be declared by submission, knockout, or it can go to the judges scoring.

Use Your Head - Not Your Heart

You may have been following MMA for a while and have grown to prefer certain fighters over others. You like a confident fighter’s style and their never-say-die attitude. They may have a great story of how they got into MMA, and you fell in love with that.

There’s a problem, though - your fighter hardly ever wins. It would be complete madness to keep betting for him/her if they never win.

It’s very easy to get sucked into betting with your heart and not your head. The fighter you despise the most might be the best option for betting on instead of against.

Resist the temptation of using your preference, and look at the statistics of a fighter to place bets. If the fighter you despise has won more than 30 fights with a submission move, then place bets on that as your victory.

Avoid the Hype and Look at Statistics

MMA, like many other fighting sports, tends to create hype for big money fights. During this hype, one fighter may be favoured over the other.

Instead of getting swept away with this hype, look at each fighter’s statistics and use the website’s betting guide. You may find that the fighter that’s being hyped up is not the clear winner as predicted.

Statistics plays or should play a big role in your betting strategy.

Shun the hype and embrace statistics.

Popular types of MMA bets

  • Match betting - you predict which fighter will be the winner. Simple and easy and probably the most widely used bet in MMA.
  • Betting the number of rounds. The famous over/under rule comes into play here. If a line is set at four rounds by the bookmakers, you can predict the fight will end in round 3 (under) or could go to round five (over).
  • Round number and method. You predict that the fighter will win in round four with a knockout.
  • Method. Almost the same as the previous one, but you only predict the method and not the round number. Here it is important to know what each fighter is good at.


We hope this small introduction on how to bet on MMA was insightful. There are many factors to consider when betting on MMA fights, and the betting websites determine odds and lines.

Here’s a top tip from us - free of charge - use a reputable website when placing bets.

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