Wonderboy Says Tyron Woodley Not Acting Like A Champion


It has been around two month’s time since Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson fought UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley to a majority draw at UFC 205.

Despite an outcome that saw Woodley leave with the championship, Wonderboy believes that Woodley isn’t acting like a champion.

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“I was given a contract weeks ago and it’s been signed for weeks,” Thompson said on The MMA Hour. “So we’re just waiting on his signature, waiting for him to man up and do what everybody knows he should do and he’s not doing it. And it’s very disappointing. To me, he’s just not acting like a champion. It was a draw. He even said that we have unfinished business, but it seems like he’s just calling out everybody else but me. Enough is enough. It just really frustrates me to see a champion, or somebody say their a champion, acting the way that he’s acting. Going out of that last fight with a draw, still having the belt around his waist, (and) saying that he won the fight? It’s almost like he’s happy with a participation trophy. And that’s not, to me, how a champion should act.”

Thompson is under the impression that Woodley is satisfied with the outcome of their UFC 205 fight and he cannot understand why the champion feels that way.

“A draw is a draw. I mean, it’s like the fight didn’t even happen,” Thompson said. “It was a tie, and what baffles me is that he’s okay with that. You’re really not defending the title. It was a tie. So, you have to go for round two to determine who the true winner is, who the winner of that and the rightful owner of that belt is. And that’s what just makes me mad. I fight for the honor and the glory, and that’s just not being very honorable to me and a true champion. If it was me on the other end, before I even stepped out of the cage, I’d be asking for a rematch because there was no winner. That’s how I look at it, man,” Thompson continued. “If you’re champion, if you are the champion, prove it. Fight the number-one contender. Don’t be picking and choosing and trying to pick everybody else but the rightful guy. And he’s even said that we have unfinished business, I think it was right after the fight. But yeah man, it’s just disappointing and I think a lot of the fans are seeing that, and it just doesn’t look good for him.”

The Woodley/Thompson title fight at UFC 205 was one of three title fights on the card, the other two (Conor McGregor/Eddie Alvarez & Joanna Jedrzejczyk/Karolina Kowalkiewicz) both had decisive winners. The two will rematch at UFC 209 in March.

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