The 205 Live Report Card (3/26/19): Oney’s Jacket Rules

Hello everyone, just checking in after some riveting reading. The topic was Tony Nese, a feature piece found on the illustrious Fightful dot com. Not sure of the writer’s name but I’ve heard that he’s a super handsome, startlingly charismatic figure. Can’t confirm that of course but my sources are always good so it’s currently impossible to argue. Anyway, I’ll link m…their article HERE!

Do I have anything else to say this week? Nope, not a thing, read THAT ARTICLE though. It’s pretty fun pal.

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DISCLAIMER: this show is in many ways, designed for my distaste. Take all critiques with a grain of salt as frankly, they are almost all misplaced and many even come with a disgusting bias. On the bright side, if I enjoy this programme, it bodes very well for your own enjoyment. In that sense, it’s ideal.

We begin this week’s show without any Maverick teeth but instead, a fancy recap of last week’s main event. This was cool but frankly, I prefer Drake just talking to me.

The Lucha House Party vs. The Submission Commission and Humberto Carrillo

A pre-match promo preceded the action here as The Lucha House Party welcomed fans to 205 Live. They claim that it’s “Lucha time” but my watch says different and if it didn’t I wouldn’t be here writing this.

Either way, Metalik and Carrillo got this one started, with the pair exchanging flashy counters while an unimpressed Gulak and Gallagher watched on. Their entry wouldn’t result in much success either though, both being sent to the floor in an instant. Disgusted by the trademark ‘Lucha’ chants, Gulak even covered Humberto’s ears but the masked trio continued to flurry nonetheless. Bewildered by their acrobatics, Gulak found himself isolated but soon fired back, sending Dorado to the apron and allowing a timely Gallagher interference.

Demanding that Carrillo “watch and learn,” Gulak then brought in Jack, smartly using quick tags to corner their foe. Metalik was the next target, coming in and briefly flurrying until Gallagher cut him off. He then tagged in Carrillo, using a springboard kick much to Gulak’s dismay. Drew then got his team back on track, landing cheap-shots on Metalik’s partners and grounding things again. He eventually fired back though, flooring both Gulak and Gallagher with a springboard back elbow and then tagging in Kalisto.

The former champion was greeted by Carrillo, immediately flurrying with his signature comeback. Three spectacular dives came next, with the Lucha lads running wild until Carrillo kicked his foe off the top rope. Humberto then called Gulak in, planning an ill-advised superplex that resulted in a chaotic tower of doom. Gulak landed in harm’s way too, eating a shooting star press as things broke down to leave everyone floored. Carrillo and Kalisto were up first but Gulak discouraged Humberto’s flashiness and distracted him as a result, allowing Salida Del Sol for the win.

Look guys, I understand that for the most part, this match featured a relatively simply lay-out but I must say that personally, I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish. The story was easy to understand and these guys told it well, with Gulak producing brilliant character work in particular. Love this angle and I’m looking forward to where it goes too. Very nice piece of business pal.

Grade: B+

After that, we headed to an interview with Mike and Maria Kanellis. The couple refuted Maria’s involvement in his recent win, instead calling Mike’s critics “haters.” Drake Maverick then interrupted, pointing to Maria’s influence on last week’s result while also claiming to have protected Mike from Akira Tozawa. Instead, the pair will have a scheduled rematch, with Tozawa being joined by The Brian Kendrick at ringside.

Buddy Murphy is at the Performance Center next, supposedly protecting Nese from being hurt beyond their WrestleMania match. As Murphy called himself the ‘Greatest Cruiserweight of All Time’ though, Nese appeared behind him, swiftly jumping the champion as a wild brawl commenced. The pair were pulled apart from there and in almost no time at all, effective build-up had been undeniably achieved. This was a very strong little segment here and this match looks likely to deliver big at ‘the grandest stage of them all.’

Ariya Daivari vs. Cedric Alexander

Before our main event can begin, Oney Lorcan is here and frankly, he looks very angry about it too. Sitting slightly away from the announce table, Lorcan is refusing handshakes and instead simply took a seat at ringside.

In-ring, Daivari briefly took control early, slowing things down and powering his foe to the mat too. Cedric soon fired back though, flooring Daivari with a sharp forearm and following up with his immaculate dropkick as well. Meanwhile Oney remains intense, watching on as a somewhat distracted Alexander had his feet swept on the apron. A flurry of jabs followed, stinging Cedric and then battering him with a sudden clothesline for 2. He then grabbed a hold, grounding things until Cedric finally fought upright.

He was unable to immediately make a comeback though, with Daivari avoiding Lumbar Check and landing a salvo of kicks as well as a reverse DDT for another near-fall. Cedric fired back from there, making a strike-filled comeback and then landing his springboard flat-liner for a near-fall of his own. Daivari then cut his foe off again though, yanking Alexander off the middle rope for 2. With both men fatigued, a strike exchange commenced, with Cedric coming out on top via desperate back elbow.

Ariya then evaded Alexander once more, next heading up top and landing a frog-splash for 2. Cedric avoided the follow-up hammerlock lariat though, countering and landing his signature dive to the floor also. While looking to re-enter, Cedric inadvertently displaced Oney’s jacket, enraging the wild man as he unleashed a crazed outburst in response. That left Alexander distracted, allowing Daivari to score a quick roll-up win.

This wasn’t a blow-away main event by any means but it was very solid nonetheless and I enjoyed the pacing quite a bit. It built neatly and had a strong closing stretch too, very few complaints to be frank.

Grade: B

Post-match, Oney jumped Alexander but the former champion fired back, rallying with strikes while an incensed Lorcan screamed wildly before landing an emphatic final strike too. My god pal, Oney really does rule and his jacket does too. All hail.

Final Thoughts

With WrestleMania now just one more episode away, this show effectively built to its sole match in one segment and featured two enjoyable bouts along the way. Neither will stand out months down the line but both entertained me either way and as a result, it’s hard to be too negative. We leave this show in better shape than we entered it and regardless of circumstances, that’s always a good thing. Roll on next week, the de facto go-home show.

Grade: B+

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