Adam Cole Explains How 'WWF Attitude' Disappointed Him More Than Any Other Wrestling Game

Adam Cole was thoroughly disappointed by the graphics of WWF Attitude from 1999.

Adam Cole loves professional wrestling. Adam Cole loves video games. It is only natural that his love for both of these mediums would have come together during many points in his childhood but he says no experience with a wrestling video game was more disappointing than the one he had while turning on WWF Attitude from 1999 for the first time.

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WWF Attitude was the sequel to WWF War Zone. War Zone was the first 3D WWE video game and the company's first venture onto the original PlayStation. With these early attempts at 3D gameplay, graphical imperfections were bound to occur.

WWF Attitude was the first WWE video game to feature full entrances, complete with superstars walking into the ring and hitting their signature pre-match poses.

For Adam Cole, the pinnacle of the graphic imperfections in WWF Attitude was reached when Stone Cold Steve Austin was unable to properly pull off his entrance taunt because the in-game models had hands that were not able to properly close into a fist.

Cole explains his level of disappointment during his recent appearance on the Into the Danger Zone podcast with Chris Denker.

"The most disappointed I've ever been in a wrestling video game, because I know we both love pro wrestling and we both love video games, but I remember when WWF Attitude, when Stone Cold got on the top rope -- I bought this game. PlayStation One controller in hand, dude, ready to go. Stone Cold [was the] first option. He walks up on the top rope and his taunt, instead of [his usual pose on the ropes with two fists raised in the air, his palms were out]."

Cole added, "Game development was still trying to figure out exactly how they wanted to make wrestling games, so this is no knock on them, but I remember as a 10-year-old kid playing this game he's so pumped like, 'I can't wait to watch him get up on the turnbuckle' and then... 'What in the blue hell is this?!'"

WWF Attitude would wind up being the final WWE game produced by Acclaim after well over a decade of the two companies working together. Acclaim would go on to produce the ECW video game series as well as Legends of Wrestling series.

Legends of Wrestling would be the only video game series to feature Owen Hart since WWF Attitude. Owen Hart will make his long-awaited return to wrestling video games via a new partnership between All Elite Wrestling and the Owen Hart Foundation. Learn more here.

Elsewhere in this interview, Adam Cole would speak about his relationship with Xavier Woods and DaParty. Learn more here.

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