AEW All Out 2021 - World Championship: Kenny Omega vs. Christian Cage Match Result

Kenny Omega is All Elite in Chicago.

Avenging the only singles loss he has suffered this calendar year, Kenny Omega has defeated Christian Cage to retain the AEW World Championship

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AEW World Championship Match
Kenny Omega (c) (w/ Don Callis) vs Christian Cage

The two exchange strikes before ending up outside where Christian chops Kenny at ringside before sending Kenny into the railing and hitting a diving clothesline off of the top and into Kenny at ringside before Kenny whips Christian into the steps and puts a table on top of him before hitting a jumping stomp onto the table before he and Don set up another table at ringside. Christian suplexes Kenny onto the floor when Kenny goes to suplex him through the table before rolling Kenny back inside and chopping him against the ropes before Kenny locks in a rear chin lock and Christian gets to his feet before Kenny hits a back suplex and sets Christian up top. Kenny knocks Christian down onto the floor before hitting a moonsault off of the railing and sending Christian back into the ring for two before slapping Christian who lays into Kenny with right hands before Kenny whips him sternum first into the corner before hitting an ushigoroshi for two before Christian crotches him up top. Christian hits a frankensteiner before Kenny misses a back elbow in the corner and Christian hits mounted punches before choking Kenny in the ropes and slapping him in the face before Kenny counters a cloverleaf and Christian hits a reverse DDT for two. Kenny drops Christian with a knee before driving Christian into the corner and Christian hits a tornado DDT for two before Kenny counters a Killswitch and hits a leg lariat into a V-Trigger and hits a trio of snap dragons before hitting another V-Trigger that send Christian through the ropes and Kenny stomps him. Kenny goes for a German off of the apron and through the table before Christian counters and Kenny sends him into the post before Christian counters a One Winged Angel off of the apron into a spear off of the apron and onto the table that collapses and the end of it breaks with the leg piercing the ribs of Christian before they get back into the ring and Christian turns Kenny inside out with a spear for a near fall. Kenny gets his knees up when Christian goes for a frog splash before kneeing Christian in the face and Christian blocks a V-Trigger before Kenny hits a ripcord V-Trigger and Christian counters a Tiger Driver into a cloverleaf before Don calls for the Good Brothers and Kenny accidentally takes out Doc with a V-Trigger before Christian counters the One Winged Angel into the Killswitch for a near fall. Christian then sets Kenny up top before Don gets into the ring and Christian chases him out of the ring before going for an avalanche Killswitch and Kenny hits an avalanche One Winged Angel for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kenny Omega retains his AEW World Championship by defeating Christian Cage via pinfall.

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