AEW Double Or Nothing: AEW World Title - Jon Moxley vs. Brodie Lee Result

AEW World Championship Match

Jon Moxley (c) vs Brodie Lee

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Mox rushes Lee, but he's ready before punching Mox in the corner and whipping him across the ring before Mox sends Lee through the ropes and hits a suicide dive. Lee suplexes Mox onto the floor before rolling him back into the ring and hitting several suplexes before putting Mox on the top turnbuckle and rocking him with an uppercut. Lee catches Mox coming off of the top and tosses him out of the ring before hitting a suicide dive and sending Mox into the barricade before suplexing Mox onto a piece of a fence. Lee tosses Mox back into the ring and they exchange strikes until Lee hits a back suplex into a running back elbow in the corner and Mox clotheslines Lee before hitting a piledriver for two. Mox moves the steps before Lee dropkicks Mox when he goes for a jumping knee, Lee climbing on top of the stairs before Mox counters a powerbomb and sends Lee through a table in the crowd. Mox tosses Lee back into the ring and climbs to the top, but he's met by Lee who hits a superplex and Mox hooks the leg of Lee for two out of nowhere before Lee catches Mox coming off of the apron and sends him into a deck of playing cards at ringside. Back in the ring Lee goes for a powerbomb before Mox counters him and Lee counters a German suplex into a boot and a sit-out powerbomb for two before Mox rolls out of the ring and they end up on the stage. Mox hits Lee with a poker chip before they counter each other until Mox hits the Paradigm Shift through the ramp before Mox rolls back into the ring and Brody comes back up busted open.

Lee gets back into the ring and Mox hits a second Paradigm Shift for a surprising one counter before Mox hits a Michinoku driver for a near fall and locks in a rear naked choke. Mox then chokes Lee unconscious for the referee stoppage and the win.

Winner: Jon Moxley retains his AEW Championship by defeating Brodie Lee via referee stoppage.

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