AEW Full Gear 2020 - World Title Eliminator Tournament Final: Kenny Omega vs. Hangman Page Result

AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament Finals Match

Kenny Omega vs Hangman Page

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The former partners forgo a handshake before they lock up and go all around the ring before Page drops Kenny. Page dodges a V-Trigger before they exchange chops and Kenny sends Page out of the ring with a head scissors. Page drops Kenny with a boot when Kenny teases a tope before hitting a fall away slam. Page hits a superplex for two before Kenny rolls out of the ring and Page chops Kenny around ringside. They exchange chops at ringside before Page throws Kenny into the railing and Kenny hits a moonsault off of the railing. Back in the ring Kenny hits a leg lace for one before they chop each other more and Kenny hits a rolling senton before following up with a moonsault for two. Page comes back with a clothesline that turns Kenny inside out and down onto the floor before missing a tope. Kenny hits a baseball slide before hitting following up with a flipping senton before rolling Page back into the ring. Kenny goes up top and hits a missile dropkick for two before Page counters a snap dragon suplex. They counter each other's attempt at a One-Winged Angel before Kenny hits a V-Trigger when Page goes for the Buckshot Lariat. Kenny counters a Dead Eye on the ramp before Page powerbombs Kenny onto the ramp. Back in the ring Page hits a pop up powerbomb for two before they exchange strikes until Kenny hits a Tiger Driver for a near fall. Page dodges a V-Trigger before Kenny hits a discus elbow into a snap dragon and Page hits Dead Eye for a near fall. Kenny counters the Buckshot Lariat before Page gets a near fall off of a jack knife cover before Kenny hits a dragon screw in the ropes. Kenny then ducks a Buckshot Lariat into two V-Triggers before Page briefly counters the One-Winged Angel before Kenny hits it for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kenny Omega defeats Hangman Page via pinfall to gain an opportunity to challenge for the AEW World Championship.

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