AEW Full Gear 2021 - Minneapolis Street Fight - Inner Circle vs. American Top Team Result

Chris Jericho has finally silenced Dan Lambert and in the process, paid tribute to Eddie Guerrero.

In a wild Minneapolis Street Fight that would see everything from Dan Lambert getting a staple to the groin to Baron Von Raschke locked in the Iron Claw on Ethan Page, the Inner Circle was able to defeat American Top Team with Dan Lambert taking the pinfall after Chris Jericho paid tribute to Eddie Guerrero with a frog splash.

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Minneapolis Street Fight Match

Inner Circle vs American Top Team

Sammy and Scorpio kick things off for their respective teams before Santana and Ortiz double up on Scorpio for two before Jake hits a delayed suplex. Jake and Andrei exchange strikes until Andrei hits a Samoan drop and tags in Junior before the two run Jake over and Chris comes in and faces off with Junior. Junior hits Chris with a powerslam and a delayed suplex before hitting a standing moonsault for two before Dan comes in and slaps Chris before everyone brawl. Inner Circle chase Dan around ringside before Ethan hits Chris with a hockey stick and Jake hits a dive that takes everyone out before Ethan and Scorpio save Dan from Chris. Santana and Ortiz lock on a double submission on Scorpio and Ethan before Jake hits Andrei and Ethan with a toaster before Chris attacks them with a snowboard. Sammy hits a double cutter before hitting a Swanton Bomb for a deep two count before Santana and Ortiz hit Junior with a double superplex before Sammy hits a Swanton Bomb off of a ladder through a table. Back in the ring Chris then drops Dan before Junior drops Chris when he goes for a lionsault for a near fall before Chris hits Dan with a kendo stick and staples him before hitting a diving elbow drop for the pin and the win.

Winner: Inner Circle defeat American Top Team via pinfall.

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