AEW Full Gear 2021 - Superkliq vs. Christian Cage And Jurassic Express Result

Jungle Boy became a man at AEW Full Gear.

After a hellacious falls count anywhere match, Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus and Christian Cage were victorious over the Superkliq (The Young Bucks & Adam Cole) thanks to Jungle Boy hitting a conchairto on the ramp on Matt Jackson. Christian looked poised to deliver the final blow, but Jungle Boy told him he was ready to put the nail in the coffin.

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The match featured, tables, ladders, chairs, tacks, and Christian diving from the balcony.

Falls Count Anywhere Match

Superkliq vs Jurassic Express & Christian Cage

The six men start things off by brawling before the action spills out of the ring and Adam and Christian go at it in the ring as LE beat on the Bucks at ringside. Adam sends Luchasaurus out of the ring before Jungle Boy sends Adam out of the ring and gets double teamed by the Bucks before Luchasaurus hits them with a double clothesline. Adam sends Luchasaurus back out of the ring before facing off with Jungle before the Bucks save Adam from a powerbomb onto a chair and Jungle hits a double arm drag. Adam sends Jungle out of the ring with a shining wizard before Christian hits Adam with a reverse DDT into a chair before Luchasaurus takes out the Bucks with a double German. Adam takes out Luchasaurus with a trash can before Jungle sends Adam out of the ring with a German before hitting a pair of topes before landing on a trash can on the third attempt. Luchasaurus boots a trash can into Nick's face for two before headbutting Adam and LE double up on Adam at ringside before getting a table out and setting it up at ringside. Jungle sends a busted open Adam into the post and back into the ring before Christian tells Jungle to hit Adam with a Conchairto before the Bucks save Adam and a superkick party ensues. Jungle hits a head scissors that sends Adam through the ropes and through the table at ringside before Matt hits a diving elbow drop onto Luchasaurus through a second table at ringside. Christian fights the Bucks in the crowd before they make their way back to ringside where the Bucks send him into the steps and Adam suplexes Jungle into the edge of the apron. Back in the ring the Bucks pour thumb tacks onto the mat before feeding some to Jungle and superkicking him for a near fall that Christian breaks up. The Bucks beat down Christian before bringing a ladder into the ring and Christian hits everyone with a trash can before Luchasaurus hits running moves in every corner. Luchasaurus chokeslams Nick onto the ladder before hitting a standing moonsault and Matt hits him with a trash can to break up the pin before Luchasaurus chases Matt to the stage and Jungle locks in a submission that Adam breaks up. Everyone counter each other on the stage until Matt takes out Luchasaurus and Adam hits a Panama Sunrise onto the stage for a near fall that Luchasaurus breaks up. A superkick party then ensues before Superkliq hit a BTE Trigger with thumb tack knee pads for a near fall before everyone hits a move until Jungle hits Matt with a Conchairto for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jurassic Express and Christian Cage defeat Superkliq via pinfall.

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