AEW Games is teasing an announcement.

On October 23, AEW filed the trademark for 'AEW Games' with the description listed for video games and a website pertaining to video games.

On Monday, the AEW Games account sent out the first tweets on social media, teasing a special event for Tuesday, November 10 at 6 pm ET.

No further details were provided, but AEW Games now has a Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook account for fans to stay updated.

On September 10, AEW filed trademarks on "All Elite Wrestling: Elite General Manager" and "Elite GM."

In a September interview with Gamespot, Kenny Omega said the AEW game is in development, but didn't elaborate. No official details have been given regarding the status of a potential AEW video game.

Fightful will provide more details when they are known and have coverage of the special event on November 10.

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