AEW Media Scrums And Highlights: Tony Khan, Young Bucks, Moxley, Serena

Young Bucks

- Bucks say they're happy to see everyone rise to the occasion in AEW, especially tonight.

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- They're wearing AEW World Tag Team Champions hats.

- They're eating four large pizzas tonight. Matt is lactose entolerant. 

- Matt Jackson says this is the biggest accomplishment of his life, and he didn't realize what it would mean until the three count.

- Nick Jackson reiterates that they have the best tag team division in the world.

- Matt Jackson puts over having Tully, Arn, Malenko and others and says they learn so much from them.

- Nick Jackson said dropping the tag titles quickly would be a nightmare. He wants a massive tag title main event for Dynamite or a PPV. They think they'll rematch FTR in the future.

- Nick Jackson says wrestling FTR was an out of body experience, and probably the best team they've ever faced

Serena Deeb

- Serena says she always thought she still could go in the ring and wanted to wrestle even though she loved her coaching job.

- Serena tells Jon Alba the AEW Women's roster is growing, and it helps you to work with other performers outside of your comfort zone. Serena thinks the working relationship with NWA will benefit wrestlers and fans.

- Serena says she wants to work with Hikaru Shida, has her eyes on the AEW Women's Title. 

Jon Moxley

It felt like it was fuckin' good. Maybe everybody hated it. I thought it was fuckin' good!" - Jon Moxley

- Moxley was very confident that he and Kingston could put on a great match. He's confident in working any style. Kingston was a pivot after Archer got COVID. Moxley said they just needed promos. Nothing overbooked. 

- Moxley sent Tony Khan the Nick Diaz vs. Paul Daley face off as the inspiration for the one with he and Kingston.

- Mox wanted the final shot of the Kingston/Mox match to be like the same shot in the promo where Kingston wasn't even looking at him.

- Moxley says he'll probably always circle in the direction of Darby Allin as an opponent or partner. He wanted to help spotlight Will Hobbs, too. Moxley had a big plan for that match that would have drastically changed directions. He'd love to work with Will Hobbs.

- Moxley says a lot of wrestlers have to take personal responsibility to care for their health when they're home or at shows. Encourages indie wrestlers to keep their nose to the grindstone in these tough times, but as safely as possible. Says it'll be twice as hard right now.

- Moxley said that Tony Khan told him there was no pressure to work when the pandemic started. Moxley thought it was important to the industry that AEW succeed. Anything can change the day of and on a dime. He thinks fans are sympathetic to that. 

- Moxley says that bringing stability to an unstable world and providing entertainment is what he's trying to do during the pandemic

Tony Khan

- Tony Khan says "stay tuned" about whenever PAC comes back. Doesn't give a lot of clarity. Says he's missed PAC, Riho, Yuka Sakazaki

- Tony Khan says they'll be doing Beach Break in January, and have some shows that bridge the gap between now and Revolution.

- Khan says Cody wanted to work with Darby Allin right from the beginning. Darby Allin signed a two-year deal, then Khan extended it even beyond that.

- Tony Khan doesn't have anything booked for Shane Helms and Gangrel, but isn't opposed to bringing them back. Khan was at the compound, and says he's known Helms for a long time. He met Gangrel there, and liked both of them.

- Tony Khan would love to have Don Callis back, and they worked it out with IMPACT. He considers AEW the most friendly company and are open to working with others. Cites AAA and NWA. He loves working with other companies. 

- Tony Khan likes having AEW's "Big Four" PPVs. They're going to add a third hour of television, but doesn't see additional PPVs right now.

- Tony Khan says they've got a lot of great people that have eyes for talent on the roster.

- Tony Khan says he should have done better at putting Nyla's story on Dynamite. He pays close attention to Dark, but realizes only about half of his audience does.

- Vickie Guerrero had time off and Khan said he should have made it clear there was a scheduling issue. He understands the complaints about the build.

- Tony Khan has been working directly with Billy Corgan to book the AEW-NWA matches.

- Khan said tonight didn't feel like a COVID-era show to him, it felt like they were back at their peak.

- Khan is very proud of the FTR vs. Bucks match. He puts over all four of them as storytellers.

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