AEW Power Rankings - Week 21: Moxley Fined For Actions, Jericho's Mindset For AEW Revolution

Another week where AEW can't seem to miss. Earlier on Wednesday, officials announced the signing of Lance Archer, who will debut next week. AEW executives were very pleased to land Archer, who they see as someone who can fill multiple roles.

Heading into AEW Revolution, things are clicking on all cylinders. As to why Cody and MJF were absent this week, I'm told Cody felt last week as the perfect final moment before their big match and didn't want to try and force anything this week. Cody is also winding down his training and wanted to make sure he didn't peak too soon for the match, which could have happened if he saw MJF this week.

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I'll have more information leading into AEW Revolution on my Twitter account (@jeremylambert88)

AEW Power Rankings - Week 21

1. Kenny Omega
Omega continues to roll. But there are very real concerns about his health heading into AEW Revolution. As I reported last week, Hangman Page wasn't happy Omega took a 30-minute Iron Man match just days before their big tag team bout. Speaking on the record, Hangman told me, "He claims he cares about the team but then selfishly takes this match and has our opponents in his corner. He wants to look cool but plays video games. Bartender, hit me. Does he think this is a dick swinging contest? Cause I'll win that." Omega was pleased with his performance as he continues to be on a quest to prove why he's the best in the world.

2. Hikaru Shida
A big win for Shida as she continues to be well-established in the women's division. AEW officials have continued to be impressed with her and they try to put more emphasis on the division. Expect big things for Shida in 2020.

3. The Best Friends
A solid victory for them, but the real story is what's going on with Orange Cassidy. Chuckie T and Trent have been heavily involved in Cassidy's training and I can't tell you how confident they are of Cassidy heading into this match against PAC. No one is giving OC a chance, but we just witnessed an emergency goalie win an NHL game and we're less than a week past the Miracle on Ice. Cassidy can win. Trust the process.

4. Jurassic Express
They were very happy to get the victory in a six-man tag match. The Jurassic Express continue to train hard every week and it paid off for them with a victory over the Inner Circle. There are still some questions surrounding the team, but I can tell you that their confidence has never wavered despite all the losses. They continue to stick up for each other and won't play the blame game. This is a tight-knit group.

5. The Elite
A lot of tensions in the interview segment. As I've been reporting for weeks, members of The Elite have been worried about Hangman's drinking. The Young Bucks brought it up during the interview segment, questioning why Hangman brought his drink and then left the interview once he was finished. Hangman and Omega haven't been on the same page outside the ring, but they always seem to click when the bell rings. Keep an eye on this match on Saturday.

6. Jon Moxley
Moxley was fined for his headbutt during the weigh-in. Officials told them to keep it clean and obviously Moxley didn't listen. He's been a wildcard in every sense of the word and while Jericho has presented his own set of headaches for AEW officials, I can tell you that they are just as worried about Moxley. Jericho at least keeps it professional and does good business outside the ring with how engaging he is. Moxley can be engaging and there's also a chance he goes to Japan or Ireland without telling officials.

7. Chris Jericho
Jericho was evaluated for a concussion after Moxley hit him with a cheap headbutt during the weigh-in. Jericho was extremely angry with how the weigh-in happened, believing he was set up by AEW officials. Things are uneasy in the Jericho camp leading into his match with Moxley. Remember, Jericho thought he had Moxley signed, sealed, and delivered in the Inner Circle before Moxley decided to go it alone. Ever since then, Jericho has questioned himself and Moxley is 100% in his head.

8. Yuka Sakazaki
Didn't lose and officials were impressed with her in this match. Look for her to be featured more as AEW starts to put more emphasis on the women's division.

9. Shanna
Still a work in progress. But didn't lose and that matters.

10. Inner Circle/Painmaker Posse
Sammy Guevara, Jake Hager, and Santana & Ortiz were not happy this week. They showed a unified front on television, even participating in the Gracie train, but they didn't understand why there were regulated to the Painmaker Posse. One member of the group told me, "We're The Inner Circle. We're a group. We're not just members of Jericho's posse. We're not Frank Fontsere, Rich Ward, Billy Grey, and Randy Drake."

11. Big Swole
I can't tell you how disappointed Swole was after Wednesday. She wanted to make a statement in this match and ultimately failed. She's taking a hard look in the mirror but I would not doubt her. She's an impressive talent and the future is bright. But AEW officials really expected her to step up this week and it didn't happen.

12. PAC
PAC was not pleased at all coming out of the Iron Man match. He protested The Young Bucks being ringside with Omega, but his complaints fell on deaf ears. He hasn't been happy with AEW executives from the moment he signed his contract and this was another strike against them. There is no danger of Pac leaving or anything like that. One executive simply told me, "It's PAC. He's a miserable bastard." Overall, PAC put in a good performance, but it's a loss that will set him back. People are looking at his match against Orange Cassidy as an easy win on the schedule, but don't be so sure of that.

13. The Butcher & The Blade
The inconsistency continues. As mentioned on Dynamite, the group has distanced from MJF, mainly because MJF has distanced from them. He felt the return on investment was not worth it and cut ties. Now, The Butcher, The Blade, & The Bunny search for something to get them going. There are very real concerns that the group needs something extra, but they aren't being invested in like The Dark Order, who bring a similar style to the table.

*These rankings are a satirical take on pro sports power rankings and treat AEW as such. Any reference to sources or reports should not be taken seriously.

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