AEW Power Rankings - Week 41: Reason For Cardona Being Signed, Darby And Mox Training Secrets

*These rankings are a satirical take on pro sports power rankings and treat AEW as such. Any reference to sources or reports should not be taken seriously. Quotes are not real.

It's time to look ahead to All Out for AEW. Big matches are scheduled for the event but wrestlers still have to beat the men and women in front of them before they can get to All Out. There are some potential upsets between now and All Out, but officials are confident things will play out as planned.

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AEW Power Rankings - Week 41

1. Jon Moxley & Darby Allin
Sources indicated to me that Allin and Moxley spent all week just beating the hell out of each other. One person said, "I watched their training sessions and didn't understand a minute of it. You know the gym wars you heard about during the Chute Box days? That's what Moxley and Allin were doing, except with light tubes and tacks." Make of that what you will.

2. Hangman Page & Kenny Omega
Page & Omega continue to have issues outside of the ring, but in the ring, they are the best tag team in AEW for a reason. Dark Order is an experienced tag team who have found great success in AEW, but even they fell to the Tag Team Champions. Many believe the dynamic between the two won't last, feeling their off-screen issues will eventually catch up to them in the ring. Until that happens, they'll continue to be the Shaq & Kobe of AEW, racking up victories

3. Best Friends & Friends
A nice momentum-building win for Best Friends & Friends. Orange Cassidy is not focused on the rematch with Jericho in two weeks while Best Friends and Jurassic Express have their eyes on the AEW Tag Team Titles. Expect these five men, along with Marko Stunt, to continue to train together as they have mutual interests and enemies.

4. Cody
Cody came into the match supremely confident, feeling he could beat Warhorse in less than five minutes. It didn't happen. Warhorse put a scare into Cody, but he will tell you that he was never truly worried, knowing Warhorse is not on his level. The concern for Cody continues to grow in his camp as he wrestles every week and is wearing himself down in an effort to give everyone an opportunity while trying to prove he's the best wrestler in the world. An anonymous source in Cody's camp told me, "Despite what Cody thinks, not everyone deserves an opportunity,"

5. Hikaru Shida
Shida took care of business and is now on to the next challenger, whoever that might be. She wants to compete in the Deadly Draw tournament as a way to stay fresh because she isn't sure who will step up and challenge her for the belt. She's willing to defend it against anyone, but AEW would rather put her in non-title matches until someone earns a shot. Of course, if no one beats Shida in a non-title match, no one will earn a title match.

6. MJF
MJF is the top-ranked contender for the AEW World Title inside AEW offices and he was given free reign to speak on Wednesday. AEW officials didn't know what to expect, but they weren't made at him. There are plenty of people, talent and officials, inside AEW who haven't been thrilled with Moxley's reign because it hasn't been as "fresh" as they had promised fans. More importantly, they don't feel they can control Moxley and think he's too much of a wild card. MJF might speak his mind, but he does business and they know they can count on him in that regard.

7. Matt Cardona
Cardona was brought in to take some pressure off Cody and help him work smarter instead of harder. Cody hasn't been listening to Brandi or Arn Anderson while Diamond Dallas Page and QT Marshall haven't been around as much lately for precautionary reasons. Feeling the current team wasn't getting through to her husband, it was Brandi's decision to bring in Cardona, hoping the new voice of an old friend would help him.

8. FTR
FTR has officially signed their contracts and can begin using the AEW facilities. Because they were only on 10-day contracts, they weren't allowed to train with anyone or use the state of the art AEW training facility. Officials did look into FTR training with Hangman Page, but it was discovered that the three men only went drinking together, which is allowed.

9. Brian Cage & Ricky Starks
Taz took a lot of responsibility for Starks and Cage suffering a loss on Wednesday. He doesn't feel like he properly prepared his team for what to expect against Moxley and Allin. Instead of spending time with Cage & Starks in the hours leading up to the match and going over the game plan, he did commentary for Dynamite. He could have turned down the offer, but felt AEW needed him in that position. Starks & Cage needed him more.

10. Dark Order
Dark Order is looking for new recruits as Mr. Brodie Lee remains unhappy with how his group is performing. They couldn't get the job done in taking out Cody and they couldn't capture the AEW Tag Team Titles. Mr. Brodie is ready to take matters into his own hands next week in the 12-man tag team match. Brodie is quickly finding out that he must lead by example as his verbal messages are not getting through to his group.

11. Inner Circle
Inner Circle has filed a protest against Matt Hardy interfering in their ten-man tag. "I thought AEW was about rules, regulations, and respect? This jackass just comes in here and costs us a match we had well in hand and no one is going to do anything? Tony Khan better take action before he has bigger problems on his hands," said Jericho. Inner Circle felt confident going into the match since they've been a group for almost a year while Best Friends & Friends just recently started training together.

12. Warhorse
Warhorse impressed with his hustle, which is why he received the title shot. Don't expect Warhorse to be a regular on television, but there is the possibility of him making appearances on AEW Dark. He's only 27 years old and still have a bright future, even if he's not quite ready to step into the national spotlight today.

13. Diamante
She will take part in the Deadly Draw tournament.

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