Alexa Bliss Encourages Fans To Be Mindful Of The Person Behind The Character

Alexa Bliss discusses the cruelty wrestlers face from critics on social media.

Bliss, like many other wrestlers, has dealt with a stream of harsh comments on social media over the years. Plenty of this criticism comes from trolls, but some of it stems from fans who are voicing their opinions. Either way, social media never sleeps, so performers always have to deal with it.

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Speaking with Alistair McGeorge of Metro, Bliss discussed some of this negativity. She shared her belief that plenty of fans don't grasp the rigors of a WWE Superstar's lifestyle, which can be physically and emotionally exhausting.

"I feel like a lot of people don’t really understand – nine times out of 10 when you see us performing, we are going on no sleep, we are going on beat up bodies because we do travel four, five, six days a week. We are emotionally exhausted, we are mentally exhausted, we are physically exhausted but we are doing it to entertain everyone else," Bliss said.

The former Raw Women's Champion stated that everyone has the right to speak their minds, but it's out of line when people criticize the human being behind the character. She noted that the cruelty can be disheartening when the performers are giving it their all every night.

"I agree that everyone should have the right to speak their opinion. But when you talk about us as human beings, people, and not our characters, that’s where the line stops and I don’t feel like that’s OK. But we do it because we love what we do, we love entertaining people. It’s really disheartening and heartbreaking when we are putting our all out there," Bliss said.

Bliss admitted that, at times, it's hard to deliver her best in the ring, given the aforementioned exhaustion, but she always tries her best to do her physical best. She then emphasized that critics claiming talent should be fired is too far.

"It’s my physical best. I know it may look like my best, but that’s all the energy I had to give that day. I gave my personal all. We’re told how terrible we are and how we should be fired – that’s not nice, and people forget that there is a person behind the character we are portraying on TV," she said.

The WWE Raw star went on to thank the supportive fans. She stated that talent appreciates their support, and they always give their 100% in order to give the people what they deserve. Bliss then stated that if that's not enough for some fans, it's on them.

"There are people that are so nice on social media and appreciate what we do, and we appreciate that appreciation back,. We will always give our all, we will always give every moment to the crowd because they deserve it. They’re spending their money, they’re traveling, they’re doing all these things to watch us so we owe it to them to give it our ultimate best. If it’s not enough for some people, it’s on them I guess," Bliss said.

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