Alexa Bliss On Her First WrestleMania, Her Countless Opponents And Why She Loves Talking Smack

Alexa Bliss was interviewed by Sporting News for a new interview and spoke about going into her first WrestleMania as champ, how many women she thinks she'll face in her title match and why she loves being on Talking Smack.

It's a crazy time for Alexa Bliss, defending the title at her first WrestleMania, and she says it hasn't really sunk in yet.

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“It has and it hasn’t. It’s one of those things — I’m super excited to go to WrestleMania, especially as SmackDown women’s champion. It’s the epitome of what’s everyone wants to accomplish in their career, but I feel like it’s really gonna hit me when I’m at Mania backstage before going out on the stage. I think that’s when it’s going to hit me. That’s normally when the nerves kick in and the excitement kicks in and I think that’s when it’s going to hit me.”

Bliss is facing "Every Available Woman On The SmackDown Roster" at WrestleMania, but just how many opponents that will be.

“To be honest, I have no idea. I keep trying to find out and Daniel Bryan, who made the match, won’t even tell me. So I think that’s extremely rude. That’s just me. I told him put whoever you want in this match. I don’t care. I’m a fighting champion and I’ll show you what I’ve been saying is that I deserve to be SmackDown women’s champion and I plan on leaving WrestleMania still SmackDown women’s champion. So he can throw whoever he wants at me, however many women. I don’t care because I’m a fighting champion and that’s what I do.”

Bliss has a great affinity for the post-SmackDown show Talking Smack, on which she is a frequent guest. It rewards good banter and characterizations, so it's right in her wheelhouse.

“I love Talking Smack. It is so much fun. We just literally go out there and say whatever we want. Somehow, it’s never planned, but somehow I end up bickering with Daniel Bryan every single time. It’s a lot of fun and it does so much for everyone’s character to really show what we can’t portray in the ring whether it’s time, whether it’s having a match with no speaking parts. It’s that moment that really can help define who you are in the ring and I love being on Talking Smack because it’s fun to literally go out there and talk smack.”

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