Alicia Atout Talks Ending Up In AEW & Whether Or Not She'd Stop Doing YouTube For A Promotion

Alicia Atout has certainly gained a reputation for her YouTube interviews.

When speaking to Sportskeeda, The Interview Queen addressed whether she'll be a permanent fixture in All Elite Wrestling and if she'd ever stop doing YouTube.

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Gary Cassidy of Sportskeeda sent along the following highlights:

Is Alicia Atout All Elite?

All I'm going to say, I get asked this all the time by so many fans every day, "When will Alicia be All Elite?" It's one of those things where I am speaking with the guys and it's a wait-and-see process, but fingers crossed, in the end, some really cool stuff will be coming up.

Why she's called Alicia A in AEW:

That was directly from the brilliant mind of one Cody Rhodes.

Whenever we text, he will either call me AA or Alicia A, and so one time he just said, "Hey, you cool with the name Alicia A, by the way, for on air?"

And I'm like, "I'm not going to say no to him," so we just rolled with it, I liked the ring of it and it sounds cool, it's different and I like that I can kind of have that moniker for AEW stuff and then just keep it to Alicia Atout with my stuff because backstage is fairly different from my casual, free-flowing interviews, so I really liked it when he pitched that to me, it was cool.

How she got hired by Impact and AEW:

Yeah, when it comes to Impact, I was working a few local shows and one of them was called BCW, and that one is co-owned by Scott D'Amore, who is the EVP for Impact.

Then they started doing some co-pros with Impact Wrestling, so it got to a point where I was already in their eyes, already at their shows and they just brought me on for television after that. It was a very smooth transition and worked super well in that regard.

Once I was on TV with them, it was still really focusing on my YouTube channel, and I interviewed Cody Rhodes, the Bucks, Kenny Omega,, and we just kept in touch after those first few interviews, and they started to know me because of my YouTube channel and just seeing them at shows.

Once I realised, "Oh, wow, they are going to be doing ALL IN," I reached out and said, "Hey, if you need anyone, I happen to know somebody, wink, wink."

They brought me on for that and once the rumours for AEW came about, I did kind of the same thing. "Hey, guys, last time it worked out amazingly, I'm so thankful for the opportunity. If you need a backstage host, feel free to hit me up," and the next thing you know, backstage at Double or Nothing so it's all been very effortless and I've been very thankful for all the opportunities and the fact they came around super organically.

If she'd sideline her own YouTube channel for a wrestling company:

There's a lot of times with certain companies, I've read over different contracts and I'm not just speaking with regards to AEW, just so many different companies, some want you to stop certain things, some are cool with it, some want you to only interview their talent.

I feel like any time I've been backstage at their shows, they've always let me have carte blanche with it of who I want to speak with, so it's kind of hard to say but if an opportunity comes about that so amazing and something I need to take, and AMBY maybe had to be put on the site just for a little bit, I'd be willing to do that.

You kind of never know where life is going to take you so I'm definitely open as long as it ends up being something I enjoy doing.

Check out the full interview, here

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