B-Fab Credits Triple H With Allowing Hit Row To Have Creative Freedom While Growing Their Characters

B-Fab discusses Triple H’s impact on Hit Row and the freedom he allotted them.

Hit Row may have had a short existence on WWE television, only six months from their formation on NXT to their overall release in November 2021, but in that time, they were able to leave their mark on the industry and provide representation to a portion of the WWE Universe and do it in their own unique way.

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B-Fab was the most inexperienced of the group and only had a handful of matches on television prior to her WWE exit but she was an integral part of the branding of Hit Row and was featured heavily on their theme song.

Being an NXT creation, Hit Row worked very closely with Triple H in the formation of their identity, and to his credit, Triple H allowed them to be themselves and paint their own picture of what this group could become because this group was rooted in real aspects of the lives of all four individuals.

Speaking with K&S WrestleFest, B-Fab spoke about her experience as part of the group and working with Triple H.

“He truly gave us the reigns and let us go and do what we needed to do. Everything we did in NXT and SmackDown, we wrote ourselves, down to our walkout song. Triple H knew this was a group that could do a lot of great things and even if he didn't know exactly how to do it all, he knew that we had tons of ideas all the time. We came every week with tons of ideas, they didn't really have to tell us much. He totally let us have creative and believed in what we were doing. He always tried to keep us on the rails if we were too big as far as the ideas, but he truly believed in what we were doing.”

Ultimately, the group only lasted a short time on WWE television but now that they are all without WWE contracts, the idea of a reunion in another promotion has been tossed around.

You can hear what B-Fab has to say about the potential reunion at this link.

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