Baron Corbin has a goal for WrestleMania.

We're six months away from WrestleMania 36 in Tampa, but Baron Corbin already has a match in mind for the event.

"I want to be in a championship match at WrestleMania," Corbin told Digital Spy. "So that's the goal and I think being King Corbin I can get that done. I can achieve that, it puts me on a level that I can compete for a title at Wrestlemania because I think that's the next step up. I don't want to move backwards or laterally, so I want to find a moment whether it's taking the Intercontinental title from somebody, the US title or the World Heavyweight. It's what I want and I want to be in that prime spot and to keep rolling."

Corbin is a former WWE United States Champion. He had an opportunity to become the WWE Champion in 2017 when he won the Men's Money in the Bank briefcase, but he lost his cash-in opportunity against then WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. Despite not holding much gold in his WWE career, Corbin is the reigning King of the Ring.

"(The King of the Ring) has got such an iconic history from Stone Cold to Bret Hart to Triple H, these guys have done amazing things with it. So I'm definitely looking to bring it back and make it a more prominent role on TV year-round because I think it is. I think it's a really neat achievement for guys to try to get and I think you can do a lot with it. It gives you some freedom character-wise and ability-wise to what you can do and how you can act and it gives people either something to love or hate,'" he said.

Corbin is currently involved in a feud with Chad Gable, the man he defeated to win the 2019 King of the Ring. And, while he was on the receiving end of a beatdown at the hands of The Rock and Becky Lynch on the SmackDown on Fox premiere, The Rock praised Corbin in a follow-up post on Instagram. You can view Rock's comments by clicking here.