Raw Women's champion Becky Lynch may be at the top of the mountain, but even she admitted that she was not a good wrestler starting out.

During an interview with the Times Now, Lynch spoke about her start in professional wrestling, which was with Finn Balor in his wrestling school. Lynch detailed what her scheduled was during that time and said she had to wrestle on blue mats that were placed on the floor.

"My brother and I would watch wrestling all the time and I loved it. But if you wanted to be a wrestler, you’d have to go off to England or America to train. It was only at Finn Balor’s school that I got the opportunity to learn. We wrestled for three months on just six blue mats on the floor in this tiny little hall at Saint Andrew’s national school. We’d go down there every Sunday and that’s how we learned, on the mats. We’d go across to England and do these summer camps where you’d train eight or nine hours a day in a gym," Lynch said.

In regards to her abilities at the time, Lynch evaluated herself and said she was "terrible" at it because wrestling was such a new concept for her. Lynch even recalled one instance where cried to Finn Balor about wanting to be as good as the men.

"To be honest, I was terrible in the beginning, and wrestling was so foreign to me, I wasn't an athlete. I was a chilled-out kid, but I was tough. I had never done anything like this, but I just wanted to work. I remember at one stage crying to Finn Balor and telling him that I just wanted to be as good as any of the guys. He told me that it was exactly what he was trying to make me do. I love this business and I just want people to love it the way I love it. Even after WrestleMania, I didn’t go on vacation. I got an hour of sleep, then I got up and did morning interviews with the media. That’s all I’ve ever wanted for myself, to run on dreams, hard work, and adrenaline," Lynch said.

The full interview between Lynch and the Times Now can be read at this link.

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