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Here is your fight size update for Sunday, October 10th, 2021:

- Stirring the pot on Twitter, Becky Lynch and WWE Hall of Famer Lita engaged in a tense back and forth.

WWE Crown Jewel 2021 - The Usos vs. The Hurt Business Result

- Stephanie McMahon was recently inducted into the International Sports Hall of Fame:

WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon was inducted into the International Sports Hall of Fame on Saturday, Oct. 9, 2021, at the International Sports Hall of Fame Awards during Olympia Weekend in Orlando, Fla.

McMahon Tweeted that she's "humbled and honored" about the incredible honor, as she's the first female executive to join the prestigious group. She's joined by NFL Legend and Heisman Trophy Winner Marcus Allen, four-time Mr. Olympia Winner Jay Cutler and World Champion Martial Artist Billy Blanks in the Class of 2021, to name a few.

McMahon's husband, Paul “Triple H” Levesque, WWE Executive Vice President, Talent, Live Events & Creative, was bestowed the honor in 2015.

- Today is Tony Khan’s birthday and several in the world of professional wrestling took to Instagram to wish him well. on Instagram, Thunder Rosa opened up about how much Tony Khan means to her career.

I can tell you guys how much this man means to me. @tonyrkhan came and not only changed how we see modern professional wrestling but he brought passion, energy and an alternative to what people are used to watch on tv.
I thank God every day for allow me to work and learn from this man. He is compassionate and caring and he has giving me more than a platform to thrive.
Tony happy birthday and You are a gift to all of us. Can wait to continue to see how your personal growth bring us to higher level!

- Ric Flair also wished Tony a happy birthday.

- The latest update in RetroMania Wrestling is now live.

Update 2021-10-09 is LIVE!

New Arenas Added:

bWo Arena now playable in Versus Mode
CCA Arena now playable in Versus Mode

Bug Fixes and other Tweaks

Champion Indicator added, Now who ever is the current champion will have an icon in their select screen image.

Release pin button has been changed to the tag button. If you press the Tag button when attempting a pin you will release the pin.

Fixed bug with full doomsday device animation not happening correctly with the Road Warriors.

Fixed bug where Title would not change on submission wins

Fixed all known crashes

Fixed issue in story mode with count outs happening in FCA (Falls Count Anywhere) matches

illegal man must now have more than 10% health to make save in tag matches

Turnbuckle move distance and hit boxes have been adjusted

Rogue pixels addressed, space removed in WARHORSE's name, bWo grouped together on character select

Ropes adjusted for consistent placement across all arenas

Many, many, MANY move animations, sprites, & layering issues cleaned up

- Dutch Mantell is all for Xavier Woods becoming King of the Ring.

"Xavier Woods. He’s gotta win it. Hey, anybody that kind of campaigns to win a match for 10 years, give it to him. For eternity, he can say he won King of The Ring and how many King of The Rings have there been? Okay, we have one King of the Ring, out of 7.7 billion people. That’s actually doing something," Dutch Mantell said on the latest episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling's Smack Talk.

- Looking to bring a little peace to this crazy world? Why don't you call Peacemaker

- Spyder Nate Webb is back in action at GCW Aftermath.

- Speaking with Spencer Love, Rok-C reflected on receiving kind words from her trainer, Booker T:

“It literally makes my heart so happy. It's just so cool because like I said, I had wanted to
train at Reality of Wrestling since I was 10 years old! I remember the first time I met Booker T
and I asked for critiques after my match, he was talking to me and I remember my mind kind of
drifted off for a second and I was like, 'Wait, am I actually talking to Booker T right now?' I was
like, 'okay, what were you saying?' It's just so crazy and it's really cool because Booker T is so
awesome and him and Sharmell, they've kind of watched me grow up, essentially, because I
started there when I was 16, and I'm about to be 20 now. It's just so crazy, and it means the world
to me to hear those words from Booker. I remember he told me he's like, 'I remember the first
time I saw you, like, you looked like a deer in the headlights. Now, you're doing amazing!' I'm
like, 'well, thank you, that means so much!'"

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