Becky Lynch Says 'Brand Supremacy' Is Outdated, Wants Real Stakes Added To Survivor Series Matches

Becky Lynch wants stakes added in an effort to up the importance of Survivor Series.

Becky Lynch is featured in one of the important champion vs. champion bouts at this year's Survivor Series event. In this match, she will face one of her greatest rivals, Charlotte Flair.

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While the all-encompassing idea of the event is that Raw and SmackDown fight it out to determine which is the superior brand, much has been made about what could actually be at stake for the competitors in order to add more meaning to one of WWE's tentpole events that has fluctuated in its importance through the years.

Most of the Superstars representing their individual brands have only been on the brand for a short length of time due to the WWE Draft and with no feuding General Managers to speak of, the concept of brand supremacy, on the whole, doesn't mean as much as it did when WWE split the brands in 2016.

Recently, King Woods has taken it upon himself to suggest stakes be added to the event and now, Becky Lynch is saying that she doesn't care what the prize would be, even if it was a banana, she would want the banana at stake just so that there's something to signify that her brand is the superior brand.

Speaking to Vincent Beltran, Becky Lynch explains that she believes the brand supremacy concept is outdated and it's time to add something more tangible to the matches at Survivor Series.

"That would be helpful. The whole 'brand supremacy' is a little outdated. At the same time, we're all competitors and you always want to be the best. Whatever it is, whatever carrot they dangle, you always want to be the best. Whether the winner gets a frickin' banana, well, I want that frickin' banana. I want to prove that I deserve that banana. You always want to be the best. Whatever the logic is, you can make it work when you're a competitive human, which we all are. You don't get to WWE if you're not competitive."

For now, her match at Survivor Series against Charlotte Flair is one that has a tremendous amount of buzz around it because of a backstage altercation that Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch were involved in following the recent segment on Friday Night SmackDown where they swapped their respective championship belts.

Discussing the event during a recent podcast, Becky Lynch would reveal that she is no longer on speaking terms with Charlotte Flair. Learn more here.

You can check out the full card for Survivor Series here.

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