Big E Feels The Undertaker Would Be The Perfect Person To Dance With The New Day

Big E wants to dance with The Undertaker.

The New Day has danced in the ring with several Hall of Famers including Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Now, Big E is talking about the one name he would like to be able to completely take out of their element and get them to show their fun-loving side by dancing in the ring with The New Day.

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The Undertaker is the antithesis of The New Day. He is so polar opposite from them that he once believed that their Netflix movie would not work out because it would be too different from the Undertaker character’s past exploits.

During a recent appearance on the Rasslin’ podcast, the current WWE Champion, Big E revealed that he would like to dance in the ring with The Undertaker even though he's pretty sure that Undertaker would just outright refuse and find a way to chokeslam all three members of New Day and get out of the ring without ever having to bust a move.

"The best choices for that are always the people who you never see dance. I think 'Taker would be perfect for it. He's so out of his element. Yeah, that would be perfect. Undertaker. He probably would refuse, he would probably refuse, we'd need to like block off the exits. We need to like, we need to make sure to surround him so he couldn't leave. But he'd probably just end up you know, trying to chokeslam us or something, but we'd find a way."

Through the years, many random moments that have existed simply to pop The Undertaker have become phenomenons of their own, such as The People's Elbow. Learn more about that here.

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