Big E: If There's A Reason, I'm Open To Losing My Smile, But Why Would I Lose What Makes Me Unique?

Big E is fine with who he is.

Ever since it was announced that Kofi Kingston would be sidelined and Big E would embark on a singles run, some have wanted Big E to drop having fun and start being serious. But why shift from something that has been working?

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"I think all of us – and I’ve definitely learned this myself – we’ve learned to trust our instinct. I think that there will definitely be a time where I need to change and evolve, but if it’s up to me, that’s going to come at the right time," Big E told Alex McCarthy of TalkSPORT when asked about becoming a more serious character. "So we do this backstage promo where I say I’m going to do singles and Kofi gives me his blessing, for me to suddenly come out and be serious makes no sense to me. If anything, there needs to be a reason to get me there and also, if I’m constantly serious – like I was when I first debuted – there is no room to get more angry. There’s no room for me to become irate or incensed or to have this shift in temperament. If there is a reason given, if there’s an antagonist, if there is something that drives me there, then hey, I might be all for losing my smile or whatever it is! But why would I lose what makes me unique or special?"

Big E continued, saying he wanted to be a badass in wrestling when he grew up as he enjoyed watching the likes of Ron Simmons and Vader, but noted that WWE already has guys like Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley, so he has taken a different route.

"I feel I can offer something unique to our industry, to WWE that I have. I feel like people enjoy my work and what I do in the ring as well, I think a lot of the appeal too is being charismatic. Having some semblance of an it-factor, whatever you want to call it," he said. "We don’t have fans right now, but being able to go out and look you in your eye and you’re smiling or laughing because of something I did, that’s so fulfilling to me. So I don’t want to lose that, but like I said, if there is a character arc that needs to take place and that makes sense – and Hell in a Cell is a perfect example. We had some kind of silly elements like us pulling the trombones and instruments out, but it was a very gritty match. To me, the nonsense and the shenanigans never took away from the in-ring work. I’m open to evolving and changing, but I’m going to, for the most part if I can, I’m going to go with my instincts and not listen to outside noise that I need to change."

The discussion of Big E becoming more serious largely started thanks to Booker T's comments on a recent podcast.

As far as Booker T goes, Big E said, "For Booker T of all people… Booker T is a man who had a king gimmick with a faux-British accent and a world championship run his way. So I’ve talked to Booker, it’s cool and there’s no beef but Booker T of all people! Boy… that’s a glass house and throwing stones. Come on, man [laughs]."

Big E currently holds a victory over The Miz during his singles run.

Xavier Woods recently commented on Booker's comments as well. You can find his full comments by clicking here.

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