Big E Tried To 'Make Noise' To Face Goldberg At WWE Crown Jewel

Big E has talked at length about his love for Goldberg as he was the man who got him into wrestling. He's also said how Goldberg is a dream match for him as he wants to see "big meaty men slapping meat."

With Big E being WWE Champion and Goldberg consistently walking into the arena and getting a WWE Title match, the dream match for Big E seems closer than ever. In fact, Big E tried to make the match happen at WWE Crown Jewel.

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"I think the cool thing for me is that there are so many fresh matchups because I have not been in that top role. We’ve been in a top act in many ways (with the New Day) but there are so many singles matchups out there that are fresh for me. I was trying to make some noise for this Goldberg match at Crown Jewel, but that clearly (didn’t happen). It would have been really full circle. He was my childhood hero and idol, and I’ve spoken effusively about that," Big E said in an interview with Sportsnet.

Big E defeated Drew McIntyre at WWE Crown Jewel while Goldberg picked up a victory over Bobby Lashley.

Big E continued, naming potential opponents for him as WWE Champion.

"But for me, there isn’t necessarily anyone that I’m targeting. I want the best and I love the fact that I’m getting an opportunity to be in the ring with Drew (McIntyre), a two-time WWE Champion. And I think just continuing to add talent like that, guys who were former world champions, that’s what I want. Hopefully, my reign is very long and I’d love to be able to look down that list and see world champion after world champion. I’d also love to see really talented men who haven’t had those same opportunities," he said. "I thought with the Draft, beforehand, a guy like Cesaro, a guy like Kevin Owens, you didn’t really know where guys were headed. But Cesaro has never been a world champion which is kind of hard to fathom, that’s hard to believe. I can’t speak highly enough about how incredible he is in the ring, not to mention an incredible human being. The man, as we all know, anyone who’s paid any attention, you understand how incredible he is, and he’s not slowing down at all. Just guys like that, guys that I think are extremely talented and haven’t had the same opportunities."

Big E's next opponent will be Seth Rollins, who earned his title match by winning a fatal four-way ladder match that also featured Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, and Rey Mysterio.

On Monday's Raw, Big E picked up a victory over Owens. If you missed anything from WWE Raw, check out Fightful's full report on the show by clicking here.

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