Big Show Reveals His Fear Of Clowns

The Big Show might be "The World's Largest Athlete" but inside the large body is a man who is afraid of clowns thanks to a jack-in-the-box.

Speaking to Metro, Big Show revealed his fear of clowns and why he'll never watch or read Stephen King's "IT."

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"I have my own issues with clowns. I think I was a toddler, I got that wind-up jack-in-the-box thing of Bozo the clown and that probably scarred me for life when I was little. ‘Thinking about it, what a toy to give a child! You turn it, crank, crank, crank and then this clown pops out of it and scares the holy terror out of you! Great toy, 1970s!"

Though he main evented WrestleMania 36, Big Show's in-ring career is winding down. Fortunately, he has a career after wrestling as the star of Netflix's "Big Show Show." And while the show is a family comedy, it hits pretty close to home for Show.

"I never really talked to [creators Josh Bycel and Jason Berger] before, and they blew me away with the pilot, because the part about Lola, oldest daughter coming to live with me – I got custody of my daughter when she was 15. ‘I literally experienced that, just having my daughter visiting a couple of weeks here and there to 'OK, now I am a full-time dad.' I got that full time parenting job, so I understood where my character was coming from on the importance of wanting to build that relationship stronger and really make her feel like she was home. I asked those guys, 'Do you guys have a private investigator following me or something, because this is very close to my real life?'"

He continued, "The one thing I wanted from this show from the beginning concept was to make this the kind of show where if you’re watching it’s a family you want to be a part of. You’ve got a crazy dad that’s world famous for being a monster, but at home he’s dad. I take out the trash, I make sandwiches – I’m just a dad like anybody else! The whole world superstar thing doesn’t matter a lick when you walk through the front door."

The first season of "The Big Show Show" is currently available on Netflix. Fans can check out The Distraction's review of season one by clicking here.

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