Billy Corgan Says Being Impact Wrestling President Felt Like "Game of Thrones"

Billy Corgan says people were trying to oust him as Impact Wrestling's president. 

In 2015 and 2016, Billy Corgan was working behind the scenes at Impact Wrestling (formerly known as TNA). In the past, he has expressed his displeasure with the experience after he invested over a million dollars. At one point, Corgan tried to purchase Impact Wrestling outright.  On the Joe Rogan Experience, Corgan told the host about how the relationship with the wrestling promotion started and how it kept escalating until he was president of the company. 

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"Dixie Carter owned TNA. I knew her through the years, I used to go to shows, and stuff like that. At some point, they approached me about investing I said 'no.' Then they offer me a job, I start working for the company, and then when they started having money problems I started putting money in," said Corgan. "Through the contrivance in that, I started getting more power in the company. Then it became 'if I'm going to put in all this money and I'm going to have all this power then I want to run the show," he continued.

Corgan said after he became president, things went sour and this led to him and Impact Wrestling meeting in court

"They basically said that was cool. But as soon as I had the spot, it was like Game of Thrones. They were all trying to kill me off. Wrestling is weird because you have this mix of reality and one is quite sure sometimes where the blur is. It got pretty crazy. There was a lawsuit," said Corgan. "People continually write I lost the lawsuit. I never lost the lawsuit. I lost one of the motions which led to them renegotiating and we settled out of court," he added. 

Since leaving Impact Wrestling, Corgan has bought the rights to the National Wrestling Alliance and their belt. He also shared this information with Joe Rogan and discussed the long history of the NWA. 

The portion of the podcast with Corgan speaking about Impact Wrestling is featured below. 

The Joe Rogan Experience is available on Joe Rogan's YouTube channel and other podcast platforms. 

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