Billy Corgan Says He Once Pitched To Impact Wrestling About Doing A Studio Show For Xplosion

The history between NWA President Billy Corgan and Impact Wrestling is well documented, but Corgan shared an interesting pitch he had for one of Impact's shows.

Corgan was interviewed by Mike Johnson of PWInsider and was asked about how long has he had the idea to do a studio wrestling show which is the current format for NWA Powerrr. Corgan actually admitted that he had pitched that type of show for Impact's secondary show Xplosion to Dixie Carter. The pitch failed as he believes Impact didn't want Corgan to have any creative control inside the company. 

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Though the partnership between the two sides fell through, Corgan would eventually have his vision of a studio wrestling show be realized with NWA Powerrr.

"I said I could do Xplosion cheaper than we were doing it in Universal if you let me do a studio wrestling. I couldn't sell that internally no matter how hard I tried because I think at the end of the day there was never any real desire to let me take over the company creatively. I was simply there to be a chip that they can play for networks and/or money if they needed it, which of course turned out to be true. And Impact Wrestling continues because I created the bridge to get it from A to C. I've been pitching that literally probably for the whole the end of the last four years, and even with other companies that we worked with we talked about doing a similar concept in combination with their talent with the idea that we'd have a small NWA roster that we could integrate with somebody else's talent, and then produce it a show, because as everyone can understand, producing studio wrestling is an economical thing. I thought, well, given meme culture, the way people consume content, the idea of a hothouse effective content on the fly, letting great promo people do their own business, not getting in there on every line and every period and comma, combined with the economics was something I really wanted to do, but the Ten Pounds of Gold series did illuminate for us over the last couple of years, and then, the series that Dave and I did called 30 Days, which was around some of my musical stuff. It illuminated for us very acutely that content culture is moving very, very fast these days, and you really have to be in the 24/7 business of content as you know with your site. People just consume content and if they want it, they want even more of it. So, it becomes about quality and it becomes about consistency. So, we learned a lot that maybe you don't see necessarily on screen, but it has a lot to do with how we got there," Corgan said.

The full interview can be read at this link. NWA Powerrr goes live every Tuesday at 6 p.m. ET on YouTube. The latest episode of NWA Powerrr can be seen here.


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