Blood, Thumbtacks, Tables, And More Present In Brutal First-Ever Women's Main Event Of AEW Dynamite

After a bloody, historic main event that many will never forget, Thunder Rosa has finished the rivalry with Britt Baker.

In the first-ever women's main event of AEW Dynamite, Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa gave us everything from ladders, thumbtacks, blood, and more as they fought to end their bitter rivalry.

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In the end, with both women bleeding and even Rebel having gone through a table, Thunder Rosa would use a Fire Thunder Driver off the apron and through a table to finish off the dentist.

Unsanctioned Lights-Out Match
Dr. Britt Baker (w/ Rebel) vs. Thunder Rosa

The match begins when Rebel walks up behind Thunder Rosa and hits her with her crutch. Britt Baker then goes right after Thunder Rosa. Baker slams Rosa onto the platform outside of the ring. Baker starts showboating in-front of the camera. Rosa then begins attacking Baker with a chair; Rosa hits Baker with multiple chair shots. Rosa tosses Baker over the rail, and they go into the crowd. Rosa goes for a flipping senton to Baker, who is sitting on a chair; however, Baker moves, and Rosa misses. Rosa and Baker are beating each other down mercifully.

Baker stomps on the arm of Rosa on the diamond plate. Baker throws four chairs into the ring and goes back after Rosa. Rosa is busted open now and is bleeding. They go to a picture-in-picture commercial with Baker controlling the match. Baker is just laying it in on Rosa; however, Rosa hits Baker with a quick snap suplex. Rosa is now in control and attacks Baker with a chair; Rosa hits Baker multiple times. Baker is back up and gets Rosa to the top of the turnbuckle, and Baker suplex's Rosa onto four or five chairs. Baker goes for the pin, but Rosa kicks out at two. Rebel puts a ladder in the ring; Rosa then drives Bakers face to the ladder.

Thunder Rosa then places a ladder in-front of Baker. Rosa then does a shotgun dropkick, and now Baker is busted open. The Blood is pouring from Britt Baker's head. Britt Baker gets hit again, but Baker comes back and hits Rosa with a superkick. Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker are on top of the turnbuckle, and Rosa hits Baker with the Death Valley Driver on the ladder. Rosa goes for the pin, but Baker kicks out. Baker hits Rosa with the foot stomp onto a chair. Rebel then hands Baker a bag, and Baker then dumps the contents and its thumbtacks.

Rebel gets in the ring, and Rosa stops the attack by hitting Rebel with the crutch and knocks Rebel through a table. Rosa slams Baker onto thumbtacks. Rosa goes to cover Baker, and she kicks out at two. Baker puts the Lockjaw on Rosa, but Rosa gets out of it, which causes Baker to roll onto more thumbtacks. Rosa picks up Baker a short time later and hits the Fire Thunder Driver onto a table outside the ring. Rosa then pins Baker for the win.

Winner: Thunder Rosa

If you missed any of the live action from tonight, check out our live coverage here.

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