Bobby Roode Shares His Thoughts On WWE's Recent TV Deals, And Discusses The Feeling Of Competing At WrestleMania

Twenty years in the business and Bobby Roode has finally had his WrestleMania moment.

On June 20th Bobby Roode will have officially been in the pro wrestling business for twenty years. Roode's travels have led him to becoming a two-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion, an 8-time TNA World Tag Team Champion, a WWE United States Champion and an NXT Champion. Amongst those accomplishments throughout his storied career Roode recently made his WrestleMania debut at the 34th anniversary of the spectacle this past April and competed in a Fatal 4-Way match for the WWE United States Championship. Roode fell in defeat in that match but nonetheless it was still a full circle moment for "The Glorious One".

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Roode has since come down from the WrestleMania highs and is back to business. To wrap up the string of live events this upcoming weekend the RAW roster will be heading to Bossier City, Louisiana and ahead of the live event Bobby Roode phoned in to the 'Greg Atoms Show' where the two parties discussed everything WWE, the career of Bobby Roode, his twenty year wrestling journey and hitting yet another milestone in his career and that milestone being competing at WrestleMania.

“You know, its really hard to explain. Its just one of those things, you get into the business and you dream about." He said. "I dreamt about being a part of WrestleMania since I was eight years old when I sat and watched the very first WrestleMania, on television, and its just, its hard to put into words. I mean it was obviously a dream come true; a lot of hard work, a lot of sacrifice, on those twenty years to get me to that point. But you know, WrestleMania isn’t just an event. Its not just one day--its like a week along event now. We spent, I think it was like five days in Louisiana, you know, leading up to it. So, its a very, very busy time for our company. Very, very busy time for the talent also.” He continued, “I just tried to slow down and take a look around and smell the roses a little bit and try to let it all sink in and it was an amazing event. It was definitely the most memorable moment of my entire career up to this point so, to be able to be a part of WrestleMania was definitely a dream come true.”

WrestleMania is the biggest spectacle in sports-entertainment and WWE is not stopping there when it comes to growing their empire as it was recently reported that the company inked a deal with FOX for a reported $1 billion dollars over the course of five years for the weekly show 'SmackDown Live'. Another report soon made the rounds that NBCUniversal is set to pay WWE $265 million a year for the television rights to Monday Night RAW. The company is making waves like never before and "The Glorious One" Bobby Roode is in the midst of that. The former NXT Champion went on to speak about WWE's recent money moves.

"Its a huge deal and to be honest I don’t know the specifics of it; what I’ve heard and what you’ve heard are probably the same until we all hear the definite answer. [Until then] its just speculation but if its the case then its pretty amazing. The sports-entertainment business, the WWE has done some amazing things throughout the years and to be a part of it now, at this late in the game for my career anyways, and to see this sort of stuff happening and the TV deals and that sort of thing its pretty amazing and you know, its sports-entertainment." He continued, "Millions and millions of people around the world every week get the chance to sit back and see what we do and how we perform every single week on Monday Night RAW and SmackDown Live so its a very exciting time for everybody involved. I know I’m very excited about the future and the WWE has been a great place for me to work and [I] look forward to working with them for many years to come."



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