Booker T Explains Why He Has Beef With Ahmed Johnson

Booker T was ready to end Ahmed Johnson before he got started.

On a recent edition of Heated Conversations, Booker T revealed when his beef with Ahmed Johnson started.

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"Back in the day, when we were in wrestling school. We trained at the same wrestling school. He came in at the tail end of training. One day we were practicing. I'm going over leapfrogs, tackles, dropdowns, wristlocks, armbars. All the basic tools a wrestler would need to make it to the top. I got Ahmed Johnson and I'm tying him up like a pretzel," said Booker. "I'm running circles around him. We're just having fun. Then, he wanted to work on some of his moves; Powerslams and powerbombs. I go, 'Hey man, we're practicing. We don't want to do powerbombs because somebody could get hurt.' He goes, 'I wanna do my stuff and I wanna practice it now.'"

And how Booker was ready to end it right there. "I go,'Well, you aint practicing it now. And if you got a problem with it, we can settle it after practice outside. I'll be waiting for you outside.' After practice, he walks out and everything subsided and went away. He apologized. But I think that's the beef he has after all these years. Because he calls me 'a sell out.' I hate a man that calls me a 'sell out.'"

Booker mentioned that he was 26 at the time, which would have made Johnson 28 and puts the incident around 1991. The two wouldn't cross paths again until 2000 when Johnson was signed by WCW and competed under the name Big T. Booker and Big feuded over the letter T.

To settle the feud once and for all, Booker challenged Ahmed to a pie eating contest or a walk around the block.

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