Booker T To Matt Riddle: In Real Life, Calling A Guy Out To Fight Is Not Wise

Booker T responds to Matt Riddle.

Ever since Matt Riddle called out Goldberg for his performance at WWE Super ShowDown, he's drawn the ire of former WCW stars such as Booker T, Lance Storm, and Chris Jericho. Yesterday, Riddle posted a message to Goldberg, Booker, Storm, and Jericho where he threatened to "beat the shit" out of Jericho and called out Booker T for his opinion that Riddle needs to "work on his craft." You can view Riddle's full comments by clicking here.

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On the latest episode of his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker offered up the following response to Riddle.

"I know if I was a young guy in the business, and someone like Chris Jericho gave me a little bit of advice, he might be one of the guys to listen to," said Booker. "When a guy like that gives you words of wisdom -- I don't think Chris was shooting at him or coming at him. When The Rock said, 'know your role and shut your mouth,' that's true. Because guys back in the day didn't know their role. Hopefully, Matt Riddle will go on and have a great career. In the Octagon, calling guys out to a fight may be wise. But in real life, calling a man out to a fight is just not wise. Fighting is not something men do outside the Octagon. The same road you go up, you go down that same road. There might be a whole lot of potholes in that road on the way down. In 10 years, he's gonna be ten years older. Some young guy is gonna be saying the same thing about him if he happens to make it that far."

You can see how Chris Jericho responded to the threat by clicking here.

You can listen to the entire clip of Booker addressing Riddle in the video above.

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