Brandi Rhodes Reveals She's Had No Say Over Action Figures, Details Her Role As CBO

Brandi Rhodes says that while she does wear many hats as the Chief Brand Officer of AEW, the action figures are out of her control.

Brandi Rhodes was the first female to get an AEW action figure and in the time since, many women have not gotten action figures. This has become especially a talking point with Brett Baker, the first female who was signed to the promotion.

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While Brandi Rhodes is the CBO of the promotion and works out many of the business partnerships and licensing deals including the highly-touted relationship the promotion has with KultureCity, the brand that concerns inclusivity as it relates to individuals with autism and other sensory issues.

Speaking on The Hot Tag with Izzy, Brandi Rhodes detailed the strenuous nature of her job, how she handles wearing multiple hats for the company while also being pregnant and breaks stells the truth regarding her involvement with the Jazwares action figures.

“It's definitely a delicate balance. I think a lot of people have no idea what my role is as the Chief Brand Officer. It's like a catch-all role to a lot of people, like if something went wrong, it must have been the Chief Brand Officer. For most people, I'm just like the catch-all for a lot of the nonsense and the complaints they have. But in reality, it's a really, really strenuous job.”

She continued, “We work with everything from PR, communicating with the media, partnerships, and sponsorships, like KultureCity and the things we do with the Special Olympics and State Farm, a lot of the stuff that we do with them, I'm on board for that. Then, I'm also on board for a little bit of marketing initiatives, more kind of like the day today. Not so much, this one's going to hurt people, not the action figures. So as much as I would love to say that I got Lil' Bran-Bran, that was part of what I would say when I was working with Lil' Bran-Bran, that's not true. Jazwares did that, not me.”

Brandi also revealed that she is a chair member for KultureCity but overall, she says that growing a human inside of her is more work than she expected, so she is being sure not to overlook that.

Recently, it was announced that Britt Baker will be getting an action figure within the near future. Learn more at this link.

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