Brian Cage Wants To Talk More, Doesn't Want To Be A One-Dimensional 'Meathead Bully' Heel

Brian Cage has made an immediate impact in AEW, winning the Casino Ladder Match and receiving an AEW World Title shot. Cage was paired with Taz upon his arrival and the partnership has paid off for both men with Taz working the microphone and Cage taking care of business in the ring.

But Cage would like to prove himself worthy on the microphone at some point and doesn't want to be seen as just the muscle next to Taz.

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"I want to talk more," Cage told TSN. "I don't wanna be the guy who just stands around. And, actually, I'm not the biggest fan of being a heel. Almost every wrestler likes to be a heel more than [a] face, but I prefer to be a face than a heel, which is, I think, more of a rarity. I think it's more so because if you think of bigger heels, they often get painted in these big bully meathead roles. I just think that's very one-dimensional and a little meh - a little vanilla to me. I'd much rather get over as a face and then turn heel."

Cage used The Rock and Steve Austin as examples of guys who played a similar character whether they identified as a face or heel.

"When they're a heel or face, they're not really doing anything differently," Cage said. "They're the same exact when The Rock was super heel and then turned face, all his catchphrases and everything were exactly the same, but now he's getting cheered for them instead of booed for them. And I don't mind being a heel, I just feel like there's less versatility. I'm the high school bully, that's the go-to [for muscular heels]. And it's fine, but the substance there to work with is very limited. So thank God that I actually have Taz because that gives some more versatility to work with. But I haven't been there long. I haven't done a whole lot. I haven't even technically had a really real match - I've just been killing guys. I think we have plenty of things to work with going forward that we haven't even begun to open up yet."

Cage previously revealed that Taz only wanted to work with him or Jeff Cobb. You can find his full comments on Taz managing him by clicking here.

Elsewhere during the interview, Cage stated that he signed with AEW over WWE due to the creative freedom he could have in AEW.

Cage is set to challenge Jon Moxley for the AEW World Title at Fight for the Fallen.

Fightful will have live coverage of Fight for the Fallen at 8 p.m. ET on Wednesday.

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