Britt Baker On Being Shown At NXT TakeOver: Tony Khan Didn't Care, I Was The Top Google Search

At NXT TakeOver: WarGames III, Adam Cole took an air raid crash from the top of the cage through a table courtesy of Tommaso Ciampa. The spot was memorable not only for its danger but for the post-move reaction by Britt Baker -- that's Adam Cole's girlfriend -- looking very concerned for her boyfriend.

Baker being shown on camera was a big talking point following NXT TakeOver, with Triple H addressing the issue in the post-show media call. Triple H said he apologized to Baker, calling it a mistake, and that he didn't want any heat on her from AEW.

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Speaking to Chris Jericho on Talk is Jericho, Baker discussed the incident and her showing up to NXT events to support Cole.

"I've always asked ahead of time, either the [Young] Bucks or Tony [Khan], 'is it okay if I go?' And it's to the point where Tony is like, 'Stop asking. Of course, you can always go. Why would we not want you to go and support your boyfriend? We're not a cult.' The first time that they put me on TV, I was sitting in my comped section and the camera was nowhere near us. This was very early, before AEW was on TV. And Stephanie McMahon sits in the seat next to me and they zoom on her. And I'm just looking at her. I truly don't know if they knew who I was at that point or not. It was a funny meme and it looks like I'm mean mugging her."

She continued, "The second time, I didn't want to sit backstage because they were doing crazy cage match bumps so I was like, 'Is there anyway I can watch in the crowd?' They said, 'Yup, absolutely.' I'm in my seat, everything is good. For his match, they moved me behind the commentary table and because the match was in the cage, the camera wouldn't come out there. To me, that made sense. It wasn't until the very end, he took this disgusting bump off the top of the cage. I don't even know which camera it was because I was looking in the ring. I didn't know until I went backstage and Triple H came up to me and was like, 'I'm so sorry, we didn't mean for that to happen. We got you on camera and your reaction to the bump. They didn't know who you were.' Do I believe that? I don't know. But he was very apologetic, super nice, him and Stephanie both. Tony didn't care at all because after that night, I was the top Google search of the entire show."

Baker went on to say that someone, possibly the head camera guy, though she was unsure, went to Cole and said he knew who Baker was, but called the incident "a series of unfortunate events." Jericho sarcastically added, "They didn't know who you were, right."

Baker then discussed how she is received at NXT when she shows up, saying, "Most of the people there are Independent wrestlers that I've known for a while. They are always super welcoming and warming. I've been backstage where Terry Taylor is like, 'Britt, you're doing great. I love watching your stuff.' People are usually pretty welcoming. Even the fans. I've never experienced anything cold. They might talk shit as soon as I walk away, but to my face they're very supportive and saying they love AEW and how great it is for wrestling. I like to believe that everyone is happy with this war going on."

Many wrestlers in NXT and AEW have said that they wish no ill will on the other as most are friends, having come up together on the Independent scene.

Elsewhere during the interview, Baker addressed the controversy over her "role model" nickname and potentially copying Bayley. You can find her full comments by clicking here.

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