Brock Lesnar Appears After Raw, F-5's Big Show, Referee Tries To Get The Pinfall

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a referee trying to get a pinfall on a semi-conscious Big Show


So Brock Lesnar was advertised for Raw last night to the paying crowd in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He didn't appear on the television broadcast, so he had to make his advertised appearance after the show.

And just like a few weeks ago in Portland, he came out, F-5'd the Big Show really for no reason whatsoever, and went home, a few thousand dollars richer.

You can see video from the appearance above, but what's really extraordinary is what happened afterwards, which you can see below.

With the Big Show laid out, a referee tried to get a pinfall on the World's Largest Athlete. What a story that would be to tell his grandchildren one day.

"He was eleven feet high and weighed over half a metric ton! But I toppled the giant with my patented finishing move, a springboard forearm from the apron. The Phenomenal Forearm, I called it, because they called me the Phenomenal AJ Styles."

"But your name is Chad, grandpa..."

"Who's telling this story, you or me?"

"You are, grandpa."

"Damn skippy. Now let grandpa tell you about the time I pinned John Cena clean as a whistling sheet in the middle of the ring at Summerslam...."

Alas, it was not to be, because this happened:


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