Bruce Prichard Discusses If Wrestlers Were Jealous Of Triple H Because He Married Into The McMahon Family

Were they jealous of Triple H?

Former 14-time WWE World Champion Triple H started off his career in the sports-entertainment company with what some have looked at and still look at to this day as a head-start. Triple H began dating the daughter of the man who ran the company. Wrestlers have done shoot interviews in the past in-which they've shared their thoughts on this very topic and the opinions varied. A former WWE creative writer who recently opened up about if there were people backstage who were jealous of Triple H's for marrying into the McMahon family was Bruce Prichard. Prichard and Conrad Thompson discussed the relationship and eventual marriage of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon on 'Something To Wrestle' and during their conversation Prichard went into detail about the communication between Vince and Triple H and how the "power" Triple H was said to have had was misunderstood.

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“Well first of all there was no writing team to go through so that wasn’t the structure at that time. It was just Vince, and Vince had positioned himself and told everybody that. Yes, Brian was there, Tommy was there, they were brand new. Yes I was there. I was doing formatting and different things, but that was Vince and that’s the way Vince wanted it at that time: ‘You come to me with your ideas and lets do it’. That was an invitation from Vince McMahon, so that’s how happened." Prichard said. "However the Triple H stuff - the effect on the talent, it was still a hangover from those who had lived it with Shawn, and there was that rumblings of, ‘Oh boy, this is going to be Shawn Part II’, and of course Triple H learned from Shawn and he’s gonna get in Vince’s ear and he’s gonna run everything, so there were definitely those kind of rumblings at that time because people never in a million years, going back to the first time that Hunter won the championship; people were like, ‘What the fu*k’. If you were to ask all the agents and everything at that time, is Triple H the guy to go with and put the title on right now, they would’ve said no, and to the man everybody said no and we shouldn’t do that with Hunter but we did and it worked and so, Hunter by invitation of Vince; Vince was like, ‘What do you got? Give it to me’ and he did, and Vince has given that same speech and the same opportunity to a lot of guys." Prichard shared. "If you got ideas bring it to me, and if he likes them, then by God you’re in and he’s going to take your ideas, and he liked Hunter’s ideas and he took his ideas and used it. So that was… there was a lot of jealousy. There was a lot of people behind the scenes going, ‘Oh boy, he worked himself into a position. Now he’s put himself with the boss’ daughter, so now he’s gonna go all the way to the top’, and there was a lot of a jealousy and I think there was a lot of guys that were talking about that in the back ."


One thing that Triple H does have power over is the NXT brand which is set to present NXT TakeOver: War Games II next weekend. Head over to Fightful's "events" page to get a look at the match card for the show.

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