Bruce Prichard On Why Vince McMahon Hated 'War Games' And That Time Vince Pooped His Pants

Bruce Prichard has provided some insight on why WWE has never had a War Games match. According to Prichard, it is because WWE Chairman Vince McMahon hates the concept. Prichard also has intimate knowledge of the time Vince pooped his pants. But we'll get to that.

The lack of War Games matches in WWE came up on the latest episode of Prichard's Something to Wrestle With podcast, as part of a fan Q&A session.

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Originally credited as being an idea conceived by the late Dusty Rhodes, War Games is a two-ring team vs. team cage match where the participants make staggered entries into the ring, giving one team repeated manpower advantages until all participants have entered, finally equaling the sides. War Games matches were a fixture in WCW, dating back to the Jim Crockett Promotions era of the company.

"He hates the double ring thing," Prichard said of McMahon. "I tried to sell the two-ring battle royal for years. He hated the double ring thing. He didn't like the guys going in at intermittent times and the way it was always done with the heels having the favor of the babyfaces, but then you fast forward to Elimination Chamber..."

Prichard also described Wargames as "a WCW creation", perhaps another reason why McMahon never adopted the concept.

Prichard shared another less-than-flattering story about McMahon during the episode:

"Well, he sharted, okay? He was going to fart and he s--t. And he walks up the stairs to [the] gorilla [position] and says, 'Bruce, come here, pal.' And I went, 'Yeah?' And he lifted his jacket up and he says, 'Do you see anything?' And I said, 'Yeah, you s--t your pants.' 'Goddamnit! How about now?' And he let his jacket down and I couldn't see it. And he said, 'Do you think they'll be able to tell?' And I said, 'I think if you keep your jacket on, you'll be alright, buddy.' "

Prichard, who portrayed the Brother Love character for WWE on camera in the late 1980s and early 1990s, also was a longtime producer for the company.

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